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    im sure you will all be delighted to hear i cant make the comp.


    Thats a damn shame maggotman …….If I was going I could have picked you up ……..ya only just round the corner


    I’m working 15/16th so I am out :( , althou might come down for a evening fish :)


    yup we should just make the date more casual so some can come and go when they please..say the comp begins Friday at lunchtime and goes till 9pm on the sat..that way people with horrible prior commitments(like work) can pop in and have a go

    I suggest these 5 divisions

    heaviest non scale fish

    heaviest scale fish

    attendance prize

    hard luck story

    Womens wet t shirt prize

    oops thought I was doing a biker do..forget the last one lets keep it at 4 divisions..of course thes are all open from any age any just have to be a FORUM poster..cheers


    sounds like a plan to me :) I have been informed I should be helping pack for our holiday, but how long does it take to pack a pair of shorts t shirts and rods?? So is the plan to fish at Birdlings beach proper of just anywhere on the spit?
    I look forward to showing you how to catch bugger all, as I do it with amazing regularity.


    Sadly I wont be able to make it either, but sounds like you have a good time ahead,

    Im off to the coast fishing and to catch up with a cobber there before he goes back to work.

    Well done birdlings for your effort in makeing it happen, hope you all have agreat time.

    ill have to meet you all another time., cheers, hipp


    hey, maggotman is taking it a bit to far.


    Surfcasting only From Birdlings to Taumutu…

    Dont worry Jake Im sure hes just baiting ya..think karma

    Will give you a rain check Hipp..and hope to meet in the future.. yes Gunner..Im bloody good at that fact I did that today!!

    ..and good to meet you and your boss- Allan (elmo)


    Weather permitting , Id be keen if Baileys includes as far down as the stump …..


    Done…Now please can I have the forum competition peoples thoughts on..who should be included in the competition? friends?public?
    -wether or not we all throw ten bucks in the hat for some cash prizes?
    Should we cancel to next weekend if weather is really bad?

    -only entrants can have a please do..cheers


    Should be quite casual, I reckon anyone who knows about the contest and goes there to fish should be allowed to enter. Friends/family should be allowed ect…. Its more a bit of fun and a reason to fish somewhere a bit different then a anything serious.

    $10 cash entry fee sounds ok, but with everyone arriving at different times could be a bit of a hassle collecting it.

    Yeah, should be postponed for crap weather.


    Fun should be the operative word Milli..Good input thanks
    as organiser some one will be here at the gallery all the time during the contest so collecting wont be a problem
    Please everybody call in before you start fishing..and call in before you leave even if you dont catch anything that way everybody is in the draw..I will supply a small simple form with your own number and a space to fill in what you caught
    a finger food and tea and coffee will be provided on sat evening till 10 pm..prize giving and bullshitting will start around 9pm..byo drinks..any tackle needs or breakages during the contest will be looked after by Ross Le Compte..he has a complete range of gear and services here at the beach..any fish can be brought in and weighed during the whole competition time…12 midday friday till 9 pm sat


    yes good time fishing comp. $10 each good, im good with the rules sounds fair will be there me and wife looking 4ward to it


    Gidday Birdlings

    How about a bit of info on the famed Birdlings Flat. I have been there once a couple of years back, just for a looksee. Assumming I park the 5.5metre campavan up at your place I going to be more or less confined to fishing around the car park area. I guess there is the odd fish caught there. If I head of down the famed Bayleys Road, is there a place I get to which is relatively close to the shoreline to fish. And is overnight camping permitted. I am really only coming over to more or less or meet up with the various forum members, make you a nice cup of tea :grin: , and share in some drinkies and tall tales on Saturday night. But it would be nice to catch a fish or two. Long range weather forecast is sunny days, what is the wind and swell that kills things over there. I will probably head out even if the comp is postponed. Yep I am a virgin Birdlings Flat surfcaster, nothing like being a new chum amongst all you Birdy People :smile: .

    Cheers Trev aka Hardy


    Bayleys…is ok for ya gotta walk or 4wd the last 100 metres..theres a lot of beach to fish from the carpark here..from the cliffs down..what you need to do is bunk up in my spare room and bring a quad bike on a trailer!..they are the main transport here..have you google earthed the place Hardy?.That may help you find your bearings?.Im fairly close to the carpark..Heres my neighbour this morning..(Patrick)originally from Ross..with a kahawai spinning from the beach..Your right about the social thing I see it as a good reason to meet people who I talk to..and its so obviously NOT a serious comp!

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