Mouth of the Wairau River Diversion on Whitebait Season Opening Day 1 September 2023. Very few whitebait were caught.
How to Catch Whitebait – An Easy Beginner’s Guide with Allan Burgess

How to Catch Whitebait for Fun and a Feed Important Note: Fishing season dates for.

Freshly caught translucent whitebait. Catching a feed has long been part of Kiwi culture. Whitebait Season Changes.
Whitebait Season Changes Disliked By Many Whitebaiters 2022

Whitebait Season Changes Disliked By Many Recreational Whitebaiters by Allan Burgess The new whitebait season.

Commercial whitebait stand on the Okuru River, Westland. The stand is in the raised position in case of a flood.
Whitebaiting in the Arawhata, Waiatoto, Turnbull, and Okuru Rivers

“On a single day in 1944, Des Nolan famously caught 130 kerosene tins of whitebait.

A whitebait cleaning screen in operation near the mouth of the Okarito River, Westland
Make a Whitebait Cleaning Screen to Separate Bait from Debris Video

Whitebait Cleaning Screen Video Making a Whitebait Cleaning Screen. Sometimes the best whitebaiting takes place.

Whitebait set net. Whitebait Fritters Recipe.
Best Whitebait Fritters Recipe

Best Whitebait Fritters Recipe with Allan Burgess To make the best whitebait fritters: For each.

Whitebaiters Never Lie – Exploring an iconic Kiwi culture.
Whitebaiters Never Lie – Exploring an iconic Kiwi culture – Peters & Hedwig

Whitebaiters Never Lie – Exploring an iconic Kiwi culture by Anita Peters and Murray Hedwig.

Tony Thomas dragging for whitebait in the surf at Okarito.
Okarito River Whitebaiting, Westland, New Zealand

Okarito West Coast Whitebait Run by Keith Reinke All the locals, as well as ourselves,.

Hurunui River Whitebaiting featured image.
Hurunui River Whitebaiting – Fishing Shifting Sands by Linley

Hurunui River Whitebaiting by Linley One of the first laws of whitebaiting is that the.

Green frog. Photograph, Dick Marquand.
Green Frogs and Whitebait – An Unusual West Coast Fishing Method

Green Frogs and Whitebait by Chris Tonkin The last rays of a sinking sun had.

An adult Inanga (Galaxias maculatus). Featured image 2.
Conservation of the Whitebait Fishery the Five Species of Galaxias

Conservation of the Whitebait Fishery by Peter Ravenscroft The Five Species of Galaxias The whitebait catch.