Raglan Harbour
Raglan Harbour Mud-Flatting snapper, gurnard, trevally, kingfish & kahawai

Raglan Harbour – Marlin, XOS Snapper and Tuna Offshore. Excellent Surfcasting. Dangerous Bar and Surf..

This fish was Neville Neal's biggest marlin caught that summer. A striped marlin weighing 137 kg. All photographs Courtesy of Denis Moresby.
Marlin Fishing – Trailer Boat Marlin Fishing – Raglan Harbour South

West Coast Marlin with DJ Moresby The coast to the west of Te Kuiti is.

Tail race of the Waipapa Dam on the Waikato River. All photographs on this page courtesy of Denis Moresby.
Waikato River Hydro-Electric Dam Tail-Race Trout Fishing By DJ Moresby

Waipapa Dam, Lake Arapuni, Hydro-Electric Dam Tail-Race Trout Fishing By DJ Moresby Approaching the “Tail-Race”.

Lloyd looks pleased with this big 'Ol Man snapper taken off Raglan, North Island, West Coast of New Zealand.
Snapper from Manu Bay, near Raglan, North Island of New Zealand

Snapper, Manu Bay   We launched from Manu Bay in the dark on Saturday morning.