These little brass trout lures are often described as hardware for obvious reasons.
7 Brass Trout Spoons For You To Try This Summer!

7 Brass Trout Spoons By Allan Burgess Here are 7 “Old School” brass trout spoons..

This brown trout took a RTB Legend bibbed minnow fished on spinning gear at Lake Dunstan. Photograph Dick Marquand. Bibbed trout minnows.
Bibbed Trout Minnows for Trolling and Spin Fishing – All Sold in NZ

Bibbed Trout Minnows for Trolling and Spin Fishing each with a Star Rating – Five-Star.

Top, Jensen Insect 9g made in Denmark and Mepps Aglia-3,made in France. Blade Spinners.
Blade Spinners for Trout Fishing – Why not make your own?

Blade Spinners for Trout Fishing – Why not make your own? A look at these.

Allan Burgess spin fishing for trout at Lake Selfe in the Canterbury high country.
Spinning for Trout with Lures, Soft Baits, Flies and Bubble Floats

Spinning for Trout with Lures, Softbaits and Bubble Floats By Allan Burgess For the novice.

Tasmanian Devil Trout Lure
Tasmanian Devil Trout Spin Fishing Lure or Aquafoil – rigging tips on video

Tasmanian Devil Trout Spin Lure – the most popular with anglers and trout The Tasmanian.

Toby with black and gold colour scheme. This is by far the most popular metal trout spoon sold in New Zealand.
Toby – brass spoon spin fishing lure originally designed in Sweden by ABU

Toby Brass Spoons – excellent trout spinning lure Reviewed by Allan Burgess The Toby is.

Glimmy brass trout spoon lure or spinner bait. Featured image.
Glimmy Brass Spoon Trout Spinner – An Oldie Very Effective Fish Taker

Glimmy Brass Spoon by Allan Burgess This brass spoon was known originally as a Glimmy,.

This Lake Dunstan brownie took a single-hooked 8cm Cobra in the number 5 pattern.
Tillins Cobra Lures – Tillins Deadly Cobras by Dick Marquand

Tillins’ Cobra is a favourite New Zealand trout lure especially for trolling on lakes Tillins.

Meppes Black Fury featured image
Mepps Black Fury – Trout Blade Spinner

Mepps Black Fury Many Kiwi anglers refer to a trout lure as a spinner even.

Modern versions of the Devon. Note the left or right hand rotation.
Devon Minnows – Old Brass Trout Spinners

Many anglers didn’t like Devons because they caused line twist Although it’s popularity has declined somewhat.