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This category includes Brook Trout, Brown Trout, Mackinaw Trout, Rainbow Trout. Coarse fish have their own category. You must purchase a Fish & Game New Zealand fishing licence to fish for the following species: Brown trout, Rainbow trout, American brook trout or char, Lake trout or char, Atlantic salmon, Quinnat or chinook salmon, Sockeye salmon, Perch, Tench, Rudd (Auckland/Waikato Fish and Game Region only). Any hybrid of the above species.

Quinnat Salmon – Oncorhynchus-tshawytscha – introduced by 1905

Large Quinnat salmon caught at the mouth of Canterbury's Waimakariri River. Note the bright silver colour when the salmon are fresh from the sea.

Large Quinnat salmon caught at the mouth of Canterbury’s Waimakariri River. Note the bright silver colour when the salmon is fresh from the sea. Also called King, Chinook and Quinnat Salmon Also known as King salmon and Chinook salmon, this species was successfully introduced into New Zealand from North America by 1905. In that year, salmon returning More...

by Allan Burgess | Published 2 months ago
Brook Trout - Salvelinus-fontinalis. Photo courtesy of Cory Scott.
By Allan Burgess On Friday, May 18th, 2018

Brook Char or Brook Trout – Salvelinus-fontinalis – Small Populations

Home » Freshwater Fishes Brook Trout – Salvelinus-fontinalis There is no fish prettier than this small brook trout – Salvelinus-fontinalis. Photo courtesy of Cory Scott. Note the white on the leading More...

Sockeye Salmon - Oncorhynchus nerka
By Allan Burgess On Wednesday, May 16th, 2018

Sockeye Salmon – Oncorhynchus nerka – Limited to Waitaki River Catchment – Video

Home » Freshwater Fishes Sockeye Salmon – Oncorhynchus nerka – only landlocked stocks are found in New Zealand Sockeye salmon – Oncorhynchus nerka – Photograph courtesy of Brendon Spicer. Most More...

Tech are a dark olive colour. Smaller fish are coloured brown.
By Allan Burgess On Thursday, April 26th, 2018

Tench Fishing in New Zealand – Course Fish Species

A brace of tench. Coarse fishing in New Zealand. The Tench – Tinca tinca Considering the extensive liberations that are known to have taken place in the 1860s and the subsequent world class fishing available More...

Sea-run Trout ebook featured.
By Allan Burgess On Sunday, July 30th, 2017

Free 100 page Sea-Run Trout E-book and Trout & Salmon Fishing Newsletter editor Allan Burgess Free E-book with Trout & Salmon Newsletter At last a fishing newsletter worth subscribing to. Best of all it’s totally FREE to join! Subscribe now to our More...

Hamish Milner with a 20 lb eel caught at the Yyton River mouth area. Many fishermen have reported large eels swimming near them while they have been fishing around Lake Coleridge at night. Photograph courtesy of Noela Mitchell.
By Allan Burgess On Monday, August 22nd, 2016

Fishing for Eels – Eels are a NZ Native Species

Fishing for Eels Some coarse fishing clubs include eels in their fishing events Eels on the prowl, Canterbury New Zealand – Video This video was taken during the early evening in a Canterbury low land More...

By Allan Burgess On Tuesday, June 21st, 2016

Perch – Perca fluviatilis – Redfin Perch Introduced freshwater fish

Perch – Perca fluviatilis – introduced freshwater fish A fine specimen freshwater perch – Perca fluviatilis. Perch are a European freshwater fish species first introduced into New Zealand waterways More...

Sea-run trout fishing video featured image
By Allan Burgess On Friday, March 25th, 2016
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Sea-Run Brown Trout Video – migrate to sea but spawn in rivers

Sea-Run Brown Trout Fishing in Canterbury Video: Sea-Run Trout Fishing in Canterbury New Zealand Description: Sea-Run Trout Fishing in Canterbury New Zealand. Video showing sea-run brown trout being landed in the More...

Freshwater eel taken on a Rapala Lure.
By Allan Burgess On Monday, May 18th, 2015

Freshwater Eel on a Rapala Countdown CD7

This 12 lb eel was taken on a Rapala Countdown fished close to the bank. Eels on a Rapala with Allan Burgess I had been fishing a Rapala Countdown bibbed minnow close to the bank hoping to lure a good sized brown More...

Rudd featured image.
By Allan Burgess On Thursday, May 14th, 2015

Rudd – Coarse Fish Species – New Zealand Freshwater Fishes

The rudd is a little known coarse fish in New Zealand. It is a most striking colour. The Rudd Scardinius erythophthalmus One of the species of coarse fish that we target here in Canterbury is the much maligned Rudd More...