Fish & Game sets out hunting and fishing manifesto for new Government

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    Allan Burgess

    Fish & Game sets out hunting and fishing manifesto for new Government – 2 Nov 2023

    Fish and Game logo.

    Fish & Game New Zealand has outlined a series of priorities for the new Government to consider as part of a hunting and fishing manifesto.

    “Our vision is a New Zealand where freshwater habitats and species flourish, where hunting and fishing traditions thrive and all Kiwis enjoy access to sustainable wild fish and game resources,” says Corina Jordan, chief executive of Fish & Game New Zealand.

    “This manifesto clearly sets out the areas we believe the new Government should be focusing on over the next three years.

    “Fish & Game is an apolitical organisation and our vision applies to any stripe of government. Ultimately, what we are seeking is strong and enduring changes that stand the test of time and don’t get easily derailed.

    “We are encouraged the new Government intends to create a new Fishing and Hunting portfolio and we look forward to sharing our vision with that new Minister.”

    Fish & Game has five key requests for the new Government:

    1. Support to enable Fish & Game to keep doing its work by maintaining the organisation’s mandate when reforming conservation laws
    2. Strong and effective measures to protect New Zealand’s rivers and lakes from pollution, water over-allocation and further degradation
    3. Strong protection for wetlands – maintaining and enhancing existing wetlands and backing landowners to create new wetlands for the benefit of all New Zealanders
    4. Work with communities, sectors, and iwi to collaboratively develop solutions for the benefit of our communities and treasured freshwater
    5. Enable New Zealanders to continue to get out in nature, enjoy hunting and fishing heritage, including ensuring access to the natural environment, and sports fish and game, alongside indigenous species in our ecosystems.

    “At Fish & Game, we know that what’s good for anglers and hunters is good for all New Zealanders –clean and healthy waterways and thriving wetlands, sustainable sources of wild kai, and access to the great outdoors all contribute to our wellbeing,” says Jordan.

    “We are New Zealand’s primary freshwater guardian – we have an outstanding record of achievements in protecting and enhancing the environment and representing the aspirations of gamebird hunters and anglers.”

    Fish & Game‘s work includes creating, restoring and protecting wetlands for gamebird hunting and conservation and securing Water Conservation Orders, which recognise and protect the outstanding values of lakes and rivers for angling, recreation, and conservation.

    It also advocates for protecting access to wild places and spaces for hunting and angling and pushes for regional and national policy plans to protect the environment including setting robust bottom lines for healthy waters.

    “We not only focus on valued introduced species but also help protect indigenous non-game species and this is something we are very proud of,” says Jordan.

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