Lead Pyramid Sinker
Pyramid Lead Surfcasting Sinker – Holds well on the sea bed

Pyramid Lead Sinker The pyramid sinker is ideal when fishing over both stony and sandy.

Jig heads
Making Sinkers and Jig-Heads

How to make your own sinkers and jig-heads The only limitation to the shapes you.

The sandgripper, or clock-face lead fishing sinker.
Sand-Gripper Sinker or Clock-Face Sinker

Sand-Gripper or Clock-Face Sinker This lead fishing sinker is designed to dig in and hold.


Surfcasting Sinkers   Finding heavy weight surfcasting sinkers can be frustrating. There are two alternatives..

sinker moulds
Sinkers – How to make your own lead fishing sinkers – Video

Pouring your own lead fishing sinkers and jigs How to make your own fishing sinkers.