Black Boobie Fly UV Straggle String with white foam Para Post eyes. Tighter wraps of Straggle String give a bushier body.
Boobie Fly UV Straggle Chenille – Excellent for fishing the Twizel Canals

Boobie Fly UV Straggle Chenille Trout Lure – Boobie or Booby trout fly The boobie.

Salmon Flies and Sea-Run Trout Flies - 14 Patterns for Kiwi Fly Tyers.
Salmon Flies and Sea-Run Trout Flies – 14 Patterns for Kiwi Fly Tyers

By Allan Burgess Very few New Zealand anglers fish for salmon with salmon flies and.

Black Phantom Trout Fly
Black Phantom Trout Night Fly tied using feathers from the Pukeko

Black Phantom Trout Fly is one of the old-style Kilwell Killer Patterns By Allan Burgess.

Fuzzy Wuzzy trout fly.
Fuzzy Wuzzy Trout Lure by Fred Fletcher, Waitahanui Lodge

Fuzzy Wuzzy is a trout egg imitation fly The Fuzzy Wuzzy was created by the late.

Black and Green Marabou, or with a light olive green body, a Kemsley's Green Marabou.
Black and Green Marabou Fly – Trout Streamer Fly – Gary Kemsley

Black and Green Marabou Marabou style flies are now sold in just about every colour.

Martin with large brown caught and released using Bragg's Dragonfly Nymph. Forgotten trout flies.
Forgotten Trout Flies – Orange Witch, Lord’s Killer, Bragg’s Dragonfly

Forgotten Trout Flies By Martin Langlands During recent years many fly patterns of foreign origin.

Chamberlains Trout Lure.
Chamberlains Trout Lure – One of the Old Canterbury Patterns

Chamberlains Lure is a bully imitation ideal for night fishing Lake Ellesmere’s tributary streams Chamberlains.

Kilwell no-1
Kilwell No.1 – Killer Pattern Trout Lure – a great bully imitation

Kilwell No.1 Originally created by Frank Lord of Rotorua, and known as the Tarawera Killer..

Doll fly tied with a luminous body made from Aurora skirt. These thin soft plastic strips are wrapped around the body and tied off. They hold the torchlight very well and glow brightly.
Luminous Trout Flies – Doll Fly – Malcolm Bell video Night Fishing the Canals

Luminous Trout Flies Luminous Trout Flies. Fishing at night with luminous flies, and lures, allows.

The author's desktop fly tying tool holder makes iy much faster to find them when you need them. Made from an off-cut from an old plum tree. Faster Fly Tying.
Faster Fly Tying – Stop Wasting Time Picking Up Scissors

Faster Fly Tying – Simple Organisation Makes a Big Difference “Faster Fly Tying MP3” by.