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Downrigger Selection for Effective Fishing – Salt and Freshwater Trolling

Three models from the Scotty downrigger range. Featured image.

Home » Tackle » Downriggers Downrigger Selection – Different Scotty Models Three models from the Scotty range of downriggers. Center: The 1105 electric features a boom that extends to 48 inches for extra reach to clear your gunwale or transom and prevent the cannon ball hitting the side when conditions are a bit rough. Left: The No 1080 Scotty More...

by Allan Burgess | Published 1 year ago
Trout Fishing With Down-Riggers. This is the Scotty Lake Troller clamp-mount model. Though quite small it is amazingly effective. You often find that most of the trout caught in lakes are taken on the down-rigger.
By Allan Burgess On Friday, June 10th, 2016

Trout Fishing With Downriggers – Scotty Lake Troller – Model 1073 & 1071

Trout Fishing With Downriggers – Scotty Lake Troller When lake fishing getting your lure down to the trout is half the battle. A downrigger is a device used to achieve this aim. Porta-Bote fitted with a Scotty More...

Lake Coleridge trolling for trout and salmon.
By Allan Burgess On Monday, February 2nd, 2015

Trolling for Trout and Salmon with down-riggers and flat-lines

Trolling flat-lines on Lake Coleridge. Trolling for Trout 1. Trolling for trout without a down-rigger? You certainly don’t need a down-rigger on your boat to catch fish. Trolling for trout with nothing on More...