Sphyrna zygaena (NZ) - Hammerhead shark, head dorsal aspect, 1898, by Frank Edward Clarke. Purchased 1921. Te Papa (1992-0035-2278/112)
Hammerhead Shark – Big specimens feed on stingrays

Hammerhead Shark – Sphyrna zygaena The hammerhead is easily recognized by the unique shape of.

Notorynchus cepedianus (NZ) : Broadsnouted sevengill shark, 1877, by Frank Edward Clarke. Purchased 1921. Te Papa (1992-0035-2278/128).
Sevengill and Sixgill Sharks – Notorynchus cepedianus

Sevengill and Sixgill Sharks by Allan Burgess and Dick Marquand There are three species of.

A great white shark hunting a seal. Image by MLbay from Pixabay.
White Shark – Carcharodon carcharias – Fishing Methods

Great White Sharks by Dick Marquand and Allan Burgess Also known as White Shark, White.

Jed Jeffries caught this good size elephant fish at Hook Beach near Waimate in November 2021. It was one of four Jed caught early in the morning on uncooked prawn baits. Well done Jed.
Elephant Fish – Callorhinchus milii – How to Catch Elephant Fish – Updated

Elephant Fish can be caught close to shore in Spring and Summer Callorhinchus milii   The.

Dwayne Aberhart with an even bigger rig shark caught surfcasting near Christchurch in December 2016. It weighed in at a massive 41 lbs. Congratulations Dwayne.
Rig Shark – Mustelus lenticulatus – Lemonfish – Strong Fighter

Rig Shark are Often Caught by Surfcasters at Night – aka: Lemonfish, smoothhound, gummy shark.

The names of different shark fins. School Shark Tagging Program. School shark photograph courtesy of Clinton Duffy.
School Shark Tagging Program Awareness – How You Can Help – Updated

School Shark Tag Awareness – How You Can Help Scroll down for 28 August 2021.

Blue shark caught off the Canterbury Coast.
Blue Shark – Prionace glauca – also Blue Pointer, Blue Whaler

Blue sharks are viviparous – their young are born fully formed and swimming The blue.

Sevengill at Taylors Mistake, Black Rock.
Black Rock, Taylors Mistake, Banks Peninsula – Sevengill Shark – Kingfish 2017

Black Rock, Taylors Mistake, Banks Peninsula Looking for somewhere to go fishing during the holidays?.

Malcolm Bell from The Complete Angler in Christchurch caught this cool elephant fish surfcasting at Birdlings Flat December 2016.
Surfcasting Birdlings Flat and Kaitorete Spit – steep shelving shingle beach

Surfcasting Birdlings Flat and Kaitorete Spit In my younger days I spent many an afternoon.

Andrew Bowrah with a good sized school shark or tope caught while surfcasting. Photograph courtesy of Andrew Bowrah.
Tope or School Shark is regarded by the IGFA as a game fish

Tope or School Shark by Dick Marquand Common Name: School Shark. Scientific Name: Galeorhinus galeus.