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Ninety Mile Beach Surfcasting Classic by DJ Moresby – Tips and Techniques

Snapper from Ninety Mile Beach, Northland.

Home » Destinations N.I. » Northland Return to New Zealand’s Premier Surfcasting Competition – Tactics of the Top Five Percent Snapper have strong mouths. I got this fish on to the beach but before I could remove the hook the snapper bit down hard and broke it. The hook was a small size 2 kale wide-gap. Photograph: DJ Moresby. Fishing More...

by Allan Burgess | Published 1 year ago
Photograph: Surfcasters waiting for the sandbar behind these breakers to come up with the falling tide. Photo: DJ Moresby.
By Allan Burgess On Friday, August 14th, 2015

Fishing the Ninety Mile Beach Five Day Surfcasting Contest by DJ Moresby

Home » Destinations N.I. » Northland This testing surfcasting Competition requires skill, knowledge and fitness to be successful! by Denis Moresby Ninety Mile Beach is a legal public road and road rules apply. More...