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How to tie 81 New Zealand Fishing Flies. Currently photographs and tying instructions for 81 New Zealand fly patterns. Dry Flies, Nymphs, Wet Flies, and Feathered Lures (also known as streamers) – for trout and salmon fishing.

Black Tungsten Bead Head Attractor Nymph

Black Tungsten Bead Head Attractor Nymph

Black Tungsten Bead Head Attractor Nymph The Black Tungsten Bead Head Attractor Nymph is quite simply to tie. It is an effective pattern for deep water fishing. This nymph pattern has proven deadly on big rainbows when fishing on the Ohau A Inlet Wall near Twizel. It is for the most part an attractor fly. The Black Tungsten Bead Head Attractor More...

by Allan Burgess | Published 3 days ago
The author's desktop fly tying tool holder makes is much faster to find them when you need them. Made from an off-cut from an old plum tree.
By Allan Burgess On Monday, March 4th, 2019

Faster Fly Tying – Stop Wasting Time Laying Down and Picking Up Scissors

Faster Fly Tying – Simple Organisation Makes a Big Difference “Faster Fly Tying MP3” by Allan Burgess. Released: More...

Black Boobie Fly featured
By Allan Burgess On Saturday, November 24th, 2018

Boobie Fly UV Straggle Chenille – Excellent for fishing the Twizel Canals

Boobie Fly UV Straggle Chenille Trout Lure – Boobie or Booby trout fly. Black Boobie Fly UV Straggle String with white foam Para Post eyes. Tighter wraps of Straggle String give a bushier body. Brown trout More...

Hare and Copper nymph trout fly
By Allan Burgess On Wednesday, November 21st, 2018

Hare and Copper Nymph – probably our most popular nymph pattern

Hare and Copper The Hare and Copper nymph is probably the most popular nymph pattern used to fish for trout in New Zealand. Relatively easy to tie. It is a favourite of the home tier. It is also possible to make More...

Red Setter Trout Lure. Featured image.
By Allan Burgess On Thursday, October 18th, 2018

Red Setter Trout Lure Created by Geoff Sanderson of Turangi

Home » New Zealand Fishing Flies The Red Setter is a top fly for migrating pre-spawning rainbow trout Red Setter The Red Setter Trout Lure is the invention of Geoff Sanderson of Turangi. Geoff and Pop Sanderson More...

Chamberlain's Lure
By Allan Burgess On Tuesday, October 16th, 2018

Chamberlains Trout Lure – One of the Old Canterbury Patterns

Home » New Zealand Fishing Flies Chamberlain’s Lure Chamberlain’s Lure Chamberlain’s Lure is another of the Canterbury lures popular with anglers fishing the lower Selwyn River and Lake Ellesmere More...

Hairy Dog
By Allan Burgess On Monday, October 15th, 2018

Hairy Dog – Trout Streamer Fly or Lure

Hairy Dog Yellow tied with squirrel hair. Hairy Dog The Hairy Dog originates from Lake Taupo. I like this fly not only for its effectiveness as a night fly but also because it is one of the easiest of all the streamer More...

Hopes Silvery Featured Image.
By Allan Burgess On Monday, October 15th, 2018

Hopes Silvery – Canterbury Sea-Run Trout Lure

Home » New Zealand Fishing Flies Hope’s Silvery trout fly or lure. Hope’s Silvery Trout Lure With Allan Burgess The first day of October signals the start of another fishing season. With it comes excellent More...

Kilwell no-1
By Allan Burgess On Thursday, October 11th, 2018

Kilwell No.1 – Killer Pattern Trout Lure – a great bully immitation

Kilwell No.1 has the distinctive brown partridge feathers with the strip down the centre. Kilwell No.1 Originally created by Frank Lord of Rotorua, and known as the Tarawera Killer. It was later tied commercially More...

Orange Witch
By Allan Burgess On Thursday, October 11th, 2018

Orange Witch – Trout Fly, Peter Laing, Canterbury

The unusual but very effective Orange Witch trout fly tied on a size 6 lure hook. Orange Witch Trout Lure, the creation of Peter Laing, Canterbury, New Zealand The creation of Canterbury angler Peter Laing More...

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New Zealand Fishing Flies

New Zealand Fishing Flies. October 2017 marked 150 years since brown trout were first introduced into New Zealand. Salmon were successfully introduced by 1905.

Initially, many anglers fished patterns that came over from the old country, England. Over time Kiwi anglers and fly tyers have managed to come up with a good number of trout and salmon fly patterns that have been well supported by other New Zealand anglers, and in some cases have spread around the globe.

There appears to have been two distinct areas from which most of our unique New Zealand Fishing Flies have emerged. First and foremost was the Central North Island. There are lure patterns like the Taupo Tiger, which according to the late Keith Draper, was the invention of James Ross of Napier in the early 1930s. It was originally known as the Tiger Ross. The Hamills Killer was the creation of Bill Hamill who established his business in Rotorua in 1955. Kilwell Sports also had a hand in marketing numerous new patterns.

A second distinct area from which many flies originated was Canterbury with patterns like Hope’s series created by David Hope, who had a bach at Selwyn Huts.

The home fly tyer has a big advantage as many of the patterns shown here are no longer available commercially.