Sand Flounder - Rhombosolea plebeia. The dorsal and anal fins on the front half of the body are folded down. Photo Allan Burgess.
Sand Flounder – Rhombosolea plebeia, How to Catch – Excellent to Eat

Sand Flounder – Rhombosolea plebeia – Considered by many to be the best eating fish.

Matt Coffey puts out a flounder net at Lake Ellesmere - commercial fish bins are extremely convenient for setting and retrieving your net. Flounder netting.
Flounder Netting

Flounder Netting By Peter Langlands I have still not lost that feeling of excitement as.

This beautiful watercolour of a kahawai was painted by Frank Edward Clarke at Hokitika in 1872 (149 years ago). Arripis trutta (NZ) : Kahawai, 1872, by Frank Edward Clarke. Purchased 1921. Te Papa (1992-0035-2278/90)
Kahawai fishing on light spinning tackle, softbaits, and fly rod

Kahawai Fishing on light spinning tackle, soft baits, and the fly rod – Revised & Updated.

Greenback Flounder Rhombosolea tapirina: Flounder, 1872, by Frank Edward Clarke. Purchased 1921. Te Papa (1992-0035-2278/24)
Greenback Flounder – Rhombosolea tapirina

Greenback Flounder – Rhombosolea tapirina Description The back of this species is, as its name.

Scorpaena cardinalis ( Red Scorpion fish), 1874, New Zealand, by Frank Edward Clarke. Purchased 1921. Te Papa (1992-0035-2278/4)
Scorpion Fish – Scorpaena cardinalis

Scorpion fish – Scorpaena cardinalis  Other Names: Red scorpion fish, Grandfather hapuku, red rock cod,.

Big black marlin jumps the waves by Konstantin Gerasimov and
Black Marlin – Istiompax Indica – The most prized billfish in NZ waters

Black Marlin – Istiompax Indica By Allan Burgess New Zealand is considered to be at.

A brace of good size hoki caught deep sea fishing by Daniel Coleclough off Taiaroa Head, Otago Peninsula. Photo courtesy of Daniel Coleclough.
Hoki – Macruronus novaezelandiae – A Deep Water Species Rarely Caught by Anglers

Hoki are an important New Zealand commercial species Other Names For Hoki: Blue grenadier, blue.

Gemfish - Rexea solandri. Rexea furcifera Waite, by Frank Edward Clarke. Purchased 1921. Te Papa (1992-0035-2278/137).
Gemfish – Rexea solandri – Southern Kingfish, Hake, Deepwater Species

Gemfish – Rexea solandri – Synonyms = Jordanidia solandri and Rexea furcifera Waite, 1911  Other names for Gemfish: Southern Kingfish, Hake (Tikati), and.

Jed Jeffries caught this good size elephant fish at Hook Beach near Waimate in November 2021. It was one of four Jed caught early in the morning on uncooked prawn baits. Well done Jed.
Elephant Fish – Callorhinchus milii – How to Catch Elephant Fish – Updated

Elephant Fish can be caught close to shore in Spring and Summer Callorhinchus milii   The.

Blackwing flyingfish - Hirundichthys rondeletii (NZ) : Flyfish fish, 1882, by Frank Edward Clarke. Purchased 1921. Te Papa (1992-0035-2278/108)
Flying fish become gliders taking to the air to escape predators

Black Wing Flying Fish – Hirundichthys rondeletii By Allan Burgess Flight  Flying fish don’t fly like.