Spinning for Trout with Lures, Soft Baits, Flies and Bubble Floats

Allan Burgess spin fishing for trout at Lake Selfe in the Canterbury high country.

Spinning for Trout with Lures, Softbaits and Bubble Floats By Allan Burgess For the novice angler wanting to catch his or her first trout, the vast range of fishing tackle available in many sports stores can be bewildering and confusing. Where do you begin? The answer to that question has, for many would-be anglers, been…

Surfcasting – Nov and Dec is the right time for a Rig Shark and Elephant Fish

Jed Jeffries caught this good size elephant fish at Hook Beach near Waimate in November 2021. It was one of four Jed caught early in the morning on uncooked prawn baits. Well done Jed.

Elephant Fish – Callorhinchus milii – How to Catch Elephant Fish – Updated

Elephant Fish can be caught close to shore in Spring and Summer Callorhinchus milii Callorhynchus milii (Tas): Elephant fish, by Frank Edward Clarke. Purchased 1921. Te Papa (1992-0035-2278/121)   The elephant fish is rather unusual. A large fleshy cartilaginous trunk protrudes from the snout and together with large wing-like pectoral fins combine to give a…

Dwayne Aberhart with an even bigger rig shark caught surfcasting near Christchurch in December 2016. It weighed in at a massive 41 lbs. Congratulations Dwayne.

Rig Shark – Mustelus lenticulatus – Lemonfish – Strong Fighter

Rig Shark are Often Caught by Surfcasters at Night - aka: Lemonfish, smoothhound, gummy shark Rig - Mustelus lenticulatus, has numerous names including smoothhound, gummy shark and spotted dogfish. They are very good fish to eat and reasonably strong fighters. Rig shark is usually sold in the shops as Lemon Fish. This is a prime…

Twizel Canals Fishing – Drifting Soft Bait Eggs Still Works in Spring and Summer!

Jacob Willets with another big rainbow taken in the Twizel Canals after dark. Photo courtesy of JacobFishing_NZ

Night Fishing Twizel Canals – Summer Time Canal Tips and the Night Buzz

Night Fishing Twizel Canals with JacobFishing_NZ Jacob's Tips for Night Fishing Twizel Canals With the weather starting to warm up, often the day fishing at the canals becomes a lot tougher!This time of year I will often devote the majority of my time to night fishing Twizel Canals for a couple of reasons! 1) Standing…

Surfcasting Tips for Beginners NZ – Tackle, baits, & how to catch fish!

Andrew Bowrah caught this good size tope, or school shark, while surfcasting. Photo courtesy of Andrew Bowrah.

Surfcasting Tips for Beginners NZ – Tackle, baits, & how to catch fish!

Surfcasting Tips for Beginners New Zealand with Allan Burgess In Surfcasting Tips for Beginners New Zealand, we'll cover what you need to get started catching fish from the beach. We'll also give you some quick and easy tips on the tackle required, how to rig your gear, along with when, where and…

Saltwater Fly Fishing

Kahawai fishing on light spinning tackle, softbaits, and fly rod

I used a trout fly rod and reel setup to target kahawai at the river mouth. The blue Deceiver pattern worked a treat as did several other of my saltwater fly creations. Photograph of kahawai taken on a saltwater fly.

Kahawai Fishing on light spinning tackle, soft baits, and the fly rod - Revised & Updated Other names for kahawai: Kopapa, Australian Salmon Scientific Name: Arripis trutta For Kahawai Profile by Dick Marquand (scroll down) Kahawai Fishing Kahawai was for a very long time seen as a second rate species not highly regarded as a table…

Collingwood Flats Kingfish – Saltwater Fly – Collingwood, Nelson NZ

Chasing yellowtail kingfish on saltwater fly - Fishing the Collingwood Flats NZ.

Yellowtail Kingfish on Saltwater Fly - Fishing the Collingwood Flats, Golden Bay, Nelson, New Zealand Here are two great videos about fly fishing for yellowtail kingfish on the Collingwood Flats that will get your blood pumping. This is some of the most exciting fishing imaginable. If you have never caught a yellowtail kingfish you are…

Bottom Fishing at The Three Kings Islands

Bottom Fishing at the Three Kings Islands

When trevally reach this size they can be a handful on any tackle.

Game fishing is so mind blowing bottom fishing is mostly over looked! By Andrew Padlie We all know the famous Three King's islands as a great fishery for marlin. It's true that New Zealand's best marlin fishery is the banks surrounding the Islands and access to the area is a simple task of finding a…

Three Kings Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna, Middlesex and King Bank

Heath Fairweather's striped marlin was caught, tagged, and released near the Three King's. It was estimated to weigh 125kg.

Three Kings Islands Marlin Fishing, Northland, NZ By Andrew Padlie It had just come into winter and a memory of the past season still floats in the mind. That year I was lucky enough to venture north for the fishing trip of a lifetime. So far north, in fact, 50-60 miles off the top of…

Downriggers for Trout and Salmon Trolling

Downrigger Operation – How to use a downrigger for trout fishing

Salmon limit bag from Lake Coleridge caught with the aid of a Scotty electric downrigger.

Downrigger Operation – Putting It All Together Safety First Downrigger operation is simplicity itself; however, safety must be our first consideration. There are several ways to get into trouble while operating a downrigger, so we had better cover those first. Take it easy at the start and don't be in a rush. Using a downrigger…

Downrigger Selection for Effective Fishing – Salt and Freshwater Trolling

Scotty electric downrigger.

Downrigger Selection - Different Scotty Models Deep trolling for trout in New Zealand, with the aid of a downrigger, has become popular over the past decade or so. Most anglers who fish on lakes from trailer boats in this country still don’t use them preferring to fish flat-lines instead. However, they have been around…