Twizel Canals Fishing Tips – Ohau, Pukaki and Tekapo Canals, Updated

Wow! A monster brownie caught near the fish farm cages. Photograph courtesy of Lance Gill and Fish The Drift NZ.

By Allan Burgess Here are some Twizel Canals Fishing Tips to get you started. There is 58 km of hydro canals in the Mackenzie Country between Tekapo and the small South Canterbury town of Twizel. The canals have become a tremendously popular freshwater fishing destination over the past few years. There are regular angling…

Whitebait Season Important Changes – All of New Zealand except Chatham Islands: 1 September to 30 October inclusive

If you are unsure if you will enjoy whitebaiting I suggest you start out with a pole net such as this one. It is inexpensive, easy to use and versatile. Most importantly it will catch you a feed.

How to Catch Whitebait – An Easy Beginner’s Guide with Allan Burgess

How to Catch Whitebait for Fun and a Feed Important Note: Fishing season dates for 2022 and the future All of New Zealand except Chatham Islands: 1 September to 30 October inclusive. Chatham Islands: 1 December to the last day of February inclusive. You can read about the changes to the whitebait fishing regulations on…

Commercial whitebait stand on the Okuru River, Westland. The stand is in the raised position in case of a flood.

Whitebaiting in the Arawhata, Waiatoto, Turnbull, and Okuru Rivers

"On a single day in 1944, Des Nolan famously caught 130 kerosene tins of whitebait single-handed in the Waiatoto River." A closer look at these Famous South Westland Whitebait Rivers The Arawhata,…

Otago Fishing

Craig Norton fishing the high bank Cameron Flat, Makarora, Otago. Young and Makarora Rivers.

Makarora River Discoloured – The Young and Blue Rivers, Cameron Flat

Makarora River Discoloured - The Young River, Blue River and Cameron Flat By Monty Wright The morning was clear as we set off from Hawea to fish the Young and Makarora rivers at the head of Lake Wanaka. With the very wet weather that they have experienced since New Year along the West Coast, many…

Monty and brown trout at Poolburn Dam.

Poolburn Dam Brown Trout Fishing – 300 Hectare Lake in Ida Valley Otago

Poolburn Dam Brown Trout Fishing - part of the Old Dunstan trail from the Styx Basin History of Poolburn Dam The Poolburn Dam or Reservoir is situated on the Ida Valley side of the Rough Ridge Range. lt was completed in 1931 as a storage area for irrigation water to feed the fertile land on…

Fishing for sea-run brown trout near the mouth of Canterbury’s Rakaia River

A very good fisherman demonstrates how to catch brown trout on the Canterbury lure rod. The lure is the Parson's Glory, though the yellow rabbit looks almost identical and works just as well.

Salmon Landed at McIntosh’s Rocks Waimakariri River February 2017

2016/17 had been a tough season. Many of the salmon landed were under 10lb. This fish was the angler's first salmon. Caught at McIntoshes Rocks 2km from the mouth of the Waimakariri River, Canterbury, New Zealand.

New Zealand Sea Fishes

Sand Flounder – Rhombosolea plebeia, How to Catch – Excellent to Eat

Sand Flounder - Rhombosolea plebeia. The dorsal and anal fins on the front half of the body are folded down. Photo Allan Burgess.

Sand Flounder - Rhombosolea plebeia - Considered by many to be the best eating fish in the sea The Sand flounder is one of the four main species of flounder, or flatfish, sold in New Zealand…

Flounder Netting

Matt Coffey puts out a flounder net at Lake Ellesmere - commercial fish bins are extremely convenient for setting and retrieving your net. Flounder netting.

Flounder Netting By Peter Langlands I have still not lost that feeling of excitement as the flounder net is hauled by hand from the invariably murky water in which the flounder inhabits. The flounder can be felt wriggling in the net. Flounder netting is something I haven't paid much attention to until recently when I…

Pearson Group Lakes Canterbury

Lake Marymere Trout Fishing

Lake Marymere, an oversized high country tarn set amongst tussocks in the Waimakariri River watershed. Photo, Peter Langlands.

Lake Marymere Trout Fishing By Peter Langlands Lake Marymere is the only water in New Zealand to support a recognisable strain of Loch Leven trout. The lake was the last catch and release only stillwater in Canterbury. Marymere is situated on a tussock-clad plateau, elevated above its neighbour and renowned trophy trout water, Lake Hawdon.…

Lake Pearson – Easy access from the nearby highway for trout fishing

Lake Pearson / Moana Rua Wildlife Refuge located in Craigieburn Forest Park in Canterbury region, South Island of New Zealand. Photo, Gaid P. Kornsilp.

Lake Pearson, Canterbury High Country Trout Fishing Lake Pearson is one of the upper Waimakariri River lakes. It is situated some 125 km west of Christchurch in the Southern Alps. State Highway 73, the main road to the West Coast, runs past the western shoreline. The lake is named after Joseph Pearson, who was the…

Trout Spinners

Bibbed Trout Minnows for Trolling and Spin Fishing – All Sold in NZ

This brown trout took a RTB Legend bibbed minnow fished on spinning gear at Lake Dunstan. Photograph Dick Marquand. Bibbed trout minnows.

Bibbed Trout Minnows for Trolling and Spin Fishing each with a Star Rating - Five-Star Lures are the best in my opinion By Allan Burgess   I have included a range of Bibbed Trout Minnows here that will bring back memories for older anglers who have done a bit of lake trolling for trout and…

Blade Spinners for Trout Fishing – Why not make your own?

Top, Jensen Insect 9g made in Denmark and Mepps Aglia-3,made in France. Blade Spinners.

Blade Spinners for Trout Fishing - Why not make your own? A look at these old and still popular lures By Stephen Clark Blade spinners, also called shafted spinners, is a great tool for searching water. They are my first choice in low water conditions. Regardless of what it represents to the fish, the lure…