Sockeye Salmon – Oncorhynchus nerka – Waitaki River Catchment – Video

Sockeye Salmon - Oncorhynchus nerka. This magnificent sea-run male sockeye salmon was caught and photographed in its native North America. Sockeye is one of the smallest of the seven species of Pacific salmon. They range in size from 24 (61cm) to 33 (83cm) inches in length and weigh between 5 (2.2kg) and 15 (6.8 kg) pounds (National Geographic). This is clearly a very big male fish. Image by Barbara Jackson from Pixabay

Sockeye Salmon - Oncorhynchus nerka - only landlocked stocks are found in New Zealand by Allan Burgess Most New Zealand freshwater anglers will have never seen a sockeye salmon. They are only found in the Waitaki River catchment, especially in lakes Ohau and Benmore, and in smaller numbers in lakes Aviemore and Waitaki. These North…

Collingwood Flats Kingfish – Saltwater Fly Fishing

Chasing yellowtail kingfish on saltwater fly - Fishing the Collingwood Flats NZ.

Collingwood Flats Kingfish – Saltwater Fly – Collingwood, Nelson NZ

Yellowtail Kingfish on Saltwater Fly - Fishing the Collingwood Flats, Golden Bay, Nelson, New Zealand Here are two great videos about fly fishing for yellowtail kingfish on the Collingwood Flats that will get your blood pumping. This is some of the most exciting fishing imaginable. If you have never caught a yellowtail kingfish you are…

Kahawai fishing on light spinning tackle, softbaits, and fly rod

Kahawai Fishing on light spinning tackle, soft baits, and the fly rod Other names for kahawai: Kopapa, Australian Salmon For Kahawai Profile by Dick Marquand (scroll down) Kahawai Fishing I used a trout fly rod and reel setup to target kahawai at the river mouth. The blue Deceiver pattern worked a treat…

Coarse Fishing

Perch – Perca fluviatilis – Redfin Perch Introduced freshwater fish

Redfin Perch – Perca fluviatilis

Perch - Perca fluviatilis - introduced freshwater fish Perch are a European freshwater fish species first introduced into New Zealand waterways in the 1860s. Those early introductions coming from Europe via Tasmania, Australia. Although they are present throughout New Zealand they are found only in small pockets from Northland down to Southland. They are found from Auckland…

Rudd – Coarse Fish Species – New Zealand Freshwater Fishes

Rudd - Scardinius erythophthalmus

Rudd - Scardinius erythophthalmus One of the species of coarse fish that we target here in Canterbury is the much-maligned Rudd (Scardinius erythophthalmus). It was first attempted to introduce the fish in 1864 by Mr AM Johnson of Opawa, Christchurch. We believe this effort was unsuccessful. It appears that there was an unofficial release of…

Worms – Starting A Wormery for Freshwater Fish Bait

Tiger worms - Eisenia fetida - one of six different common garden earth worms found in New Zealand.

From Coarse Fishing Corner by the Canterbury Coarse Fishing Club There is scarcely a freshwater species of fish that at some time or other will not readily accept small lively worms. Perch, tench, rudd, and or course eels are particularly attracted to the redworm, which comes from compost heaps. These worms can be fished on…

Kaikoura Fishing

Kaikoura Coast Fishing Part 2 – Salmon fishing, tips, spots, species

Salmon are caught by anglers over summer spin fishing from the beach right next to the middle of town in Kaikoura (see below).

Kaikoura Coast Fishing, Part 2 - Tips, spots, species Kaikoura Coast Fishing part 2 Kaikoura Coast Fishing part 2, follows on from part 1. Where to Catch Fish at Kaikoura. The best spots and what to expect there…

Kaikoura Coast Deep Sea Fishing, Surfcasting, Kayak Fishing, Part 1

Allan Burgess at Goose Bay, Kaikoura. The little Stabi-Craft 430 was light and easy to handle. You only had to go 500 metres to be fishing in very deep water.

Kaikoura Coast Fishing - Part 1 Kaikoura Coast Deep Sea Fishing All the best fishing spots at Kaikoura For many years the township of Kaikoura was little more than a fuel stop on the highway between Christchurch and Picton. Kaikoura today it is a vibrant and exciting place with street side cafes and considerable tourist…

New Zealand Sea Fishes

Cooking Your Catch In the Wok – Kaikoura and Trumpter

Cooking Your Catch In the Wok with Keith Chin I'd heard a bit about the Liquidator and had even seen a few photos taken by Ross LeCompte of New Brighton Sports. Ross is also the agent for John Reader's Clarence Fishing Charters, which operates just north of Kaikoura in Waipapa Bay. When Sandy Jack invited…

Otago Fishing

Makarora and Wilkin Rivers Lake Wanaka Otago

Brown trout from the Makaroa River which flows into Lake Wanaka. Photo Monty Wright.

By Monty Wright Being on holiday Colleen and I woke at a respectable hour. We had stayed overnight at Makarora House which is a farm stay facility in the Makarora Valley. From our bedroom, we could look right up the Wilkin River Valley - a beautiful sight for anyone to behold first thing in the…

Harling Lake Dunstan – Best Fly Colours, Line Setups and Harling Tips

by Peter Lemin - Harling Lake Dunstan Part 1 The main angling methods in Lake Dunstan have been trolling as well as fly fishing and thread-lining from the shore. During January, the fishing slowed down considerably, no doubt partly due to the angling pressure the lake received over the Christmas holiday period. I felt sure…

An eye for the Water – A Study of Trout and Where to Find Them

By Monty Wright The habits of various kinds of trout differ considerably. Even though transplanted to new surroundings they still maintain their individual ways. The majority fish which we angle for in the South Island are now in their own individual right a wild strain. These fish were introduced originally by the old Acclimatisation Societies…

Fly Fishing New Zealand

Hiring a Trout Fishing Guide – Why Hiring a Guide is a Good Idea

A younger looking Tony Entwistle (right), with client John Hewitt from the United States of America, holding for the camera one of four 10lb plus trout caught and released in a single afternoon in the Nelson region. Hiring a trout fishing guide. Now retired, Tony is a Life Member and former President of the NZPFGA.

Hiring a Trout Fishing Guide By Allan Burgess Our fishing guides are doing it tuff at the moment as a result of COVID-19 restrictions preventing overseas anglers from coming to New Zealand and hiring a trout fishing guide.  Over a typical summer fishing season, experienced guides can take out as many as 100 clients. However,…

Surfcasting Around New Zealand

Button cell powered rod tip light is taped in place near your rod tip. The battery lasts for ages.

Surfcasting After Dark – Fishing often improves after sunset

Surfcasting After Dark with Allan Burgess Most experienced trout anglers are well aware of the advantages fishing after dark. Cruising trout lose their inhibitions and will come right into the shallows chasing bullies…

Big Game Fishing New Zealand

Three Kings Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna, Middlesex Bank

Heath Fairweather's striped marlin was caught, tagged, and released near the Three King's. It was estimated to weigh 125kg.

Three Kings Islands Marlin Fishing, Northland, NZ By Andrew Padlie It had just come into winter and a memory of the past season still floats in the mind. That year I was lucky enough to venture north for the fishing trip of a lifetime. So far north, in fact, 50-60 miles off the top of…

Yellowtail – King of Broken Water – Milford Sound, Fiordland

Yellowtail - King of Broken Water by Dick Marquand The yellowtail kingfish, or kingi as it is known in New Zealand game fishing circles, would rate as one of the hardest fighting species of game fish available to the light tackle angler. The yellowtail kingfish, or kingi as it is known in New Zealand game…

Marlin Hunting – The Quest for a Beakie – Game Fishing NZ

Marlin Hunting - The Quest for a Beakie By Dick Marquand I read with great interest Chappie Chapman's excellent article "Marlin Magic, Mania or Madness?" It brought back to me, memories of the endless planning, the exhilarating experiences, the great camaraderie, the frustrations, as well as the spending of thousands of dollars on travel and…

How to Tie the Yoke Rig for Surfcasting When You Want More Distance

Yoke Rig. Use this surfcasting rig when casting as far a possible is your main aim. On a shallow sandy beach sometimes you might have to wade out 100m and then cast another 200m to reach a distant hole or gutter. In this situation, the Yoke Rig comes into its own.

When it all goes wrong – A Specimen Fishing Disaster

When it all goes wrong - A Specimen Fishing Disaster. I hope this one gives everyone some light relief from Covid-19. I was using a second rod with a bait-runner reel with a big bait, but I forgot to engage the lever for the bait-runner. The result was a tearing run which ripped the rod off the rests. Watch the video to find out what happened. I'm sure there is a lesson there somewhere for those who like to fish bait-runner reels.

The Complete Guide to Sea-Run Trout Fishing – Online Book – Members Only

Sea-Run Trout Fishing Ebook – Contents, Acknowledgements, Introduction This online book has an introduction and 7 chapters. 1. Where Do Sea-Run Trout Come From. 2. Cucumber Fish, Smelt or Silveries. 3. Tackle for Sea-Run Brown Trout. 4. Fishing Different Rivers – The Mighty Rakaia. 5. The Waimakariri River. 6. Other Sea-Run Trout Fishing Rivers. 7. Dead Drifting Soft Baits. Also includes video. To get immediate access to this content, get your: Fishingmag Website FREE Membership