Twizel Canals Winter 2022 – Five Fishing Tips For Beginners

Managed to nail a prime eating salmon over the weekend, pretty stoked with that! May 2022. Twizel Canals 2022 Fishing.

Twizel Canals Winter 2022 - Five Fishing Tips For Beginners By Allan Burgess The Twizels Canals are a spectacular place to fish for trout and salmon at any time of year but the winter season offers something extra special. It gets very cold at night, like as low as minus 10 deg C and some…

Saltwater Fly Fishing New Zealand

A Tauranga flats kahawai taken on my 3wt Epic 370 Fastglass fly rod - Little Olive.

Flats Kahawai on my 3wt Epic 370 Fastglass II – A Date with Little Olive

Flats Kahawai - A Date with Little Olive There have been a few big flats kahawai showing up along the southern edge of the Otumoetai Channel. Another reason I like to frequent this location is that there is always a small chance of seeing a juvenile white. My heaviest kahawai on a #3 rod using…

Flats kingfish on my my Fenwick Feralite FF 858, Redington Grande 789, (a kingfish virgin) and Scientific Anglers Mastery Redfish Coldwater WF8F.

Tauranga Flats Kingfish on my Vintage Glass Fenwick Feralite FF 858

Tauranga Flats Kingfish on my Vintage Glass Fenwick Feralite FF 858 By Dick Marquand Some of you will know of my love for vintage glass fly rods, particularly the Fenwick Feralite series that were made in the USA in the 1960s and 1970s. Kilwell in Rotorua imported the glass Fenwick Feralite blanks and built the…

Salmon Fishing

Charles Smith says that not all the salmon were big this season.

Salmon Season 2021-2022 Final Washup

Salmon Season 2021-2022 Final Washup There was a big improvement in fish numbers in the Rakaia River but overall returns were patchy! By Allan Burgess Salmon anglers fishing the Rakaia River witnessed a marked improvement in fish numbers overall compared with recent years. I have been told by a number of old hands that it…

The biggest fish we had through the trap was a hen, nearly a meter long and weighing 17.6 kgs (37lbs) with no adipose fin meaning she was hatchery-reared. When she left the sea she probably would have been 20+ kgs. Hatchery-reared salmon.

Hatchery-Reared Salmon Not a Bad Idea

Hatchery-Reared salmon doesn't mean smaller fish  By Michael Field-Dodgson I read a lot of comments on why the salmon runs have dwindled and the size of those salmon caught is smaller. One significant variable that negatively impacts the salmon which no one has mentioned is the impact of Homo sapiens.........the angler. In this article, we…

Egg Rolling or Drift Fishing the Twizel Canals with Jacob Fishing NZ

In this video Jacob walks you through the set up he uses to catch monster trout in the Twizel, Tekapo canal system!

Releasing a foul hooked salmon Rakaia River surf

Anglers are only permitted to keep salmon that have been hooked in the mouth. All salmon that have been hooked anywhere else must be released as quickly as possible. Here a salmon accidentally hooked near the tail is released back into the sea.

New Zealand Sea Fishes

Sand Flounder – Rhombosolea plebeia, How to Catch – Excellent to Eat

Sand Flounder - Rhombosolea plebeia. The dorsal and anal fins on the front half of the body are folded down. Photo Allan Burgess.

Sand Flounder - Rhombosolea plebeia - Considered by many to be the best eating fish in the sea The Sand flounder is one of the four main species of flounder, or flatfish, sold in New Zealand…

Flounder Netting

Matt Coffey puts out a flounder net at Lake Ellesmere - commercial fish bins are extremely convenient for setting and retrieving your net. Flounder netting.

Flounder Netting By Peter Langlands I have still not lost that feeling of excitement as the flounder net is hauled by hand from the invariably murky water in which the flounder inhabits. The flounder can be felt wriggling in the net. Flounder netting is something I haven't paid much attention to until recently when I…

Trout Fishing New Zealand

Canterbury Winter Fishing Blues

There's a good frosting of snow on the ground in this winter scene of Lake Pearson, in the Canterbury high country. Canterbury Winter Fishing Blues

Canterbury Winter Fishing Blues By Piscator As an angler, don't you just hate winter? The salmon runs are over and many trout waters are closed, days can be cold and nights are long. I know a lot of anglers pack their rods away until the warming days of October and November. Yet there is some…

Terrestrials and the Trout – A User’s Guide in Four Parts

Looking a bit like a wasp himself, Muz holds a good brownie. The flowering gorse in the background sends clouds of bees across dangerous waters. Photo Andy Trowbridge. Terrestrials and the Trout.

Terrestrials and the Trout - A User's Guide in Four Parts - Parts One and Two By Paul Corliss What has changed since the very first account of fishing with a fly was written? Nearly all things but one have, that one is the food. The insects and creatures of water and land are pretty…

Fishing Tackle

Fenwick Feralite FF98 Fibreglass Fly Rod is at least 50 Years Old

The Fenwick Feralite FF98 was made between 1963 and 1971. Note: These are not the original bindings and reel seat.

Fenwick Feralite FF98 the slow soft-action was ideal for a Lure Rod  By Allan Burgess Many Kiwi anglers will remember with fondness the old Fenwick Feralite fibreglass fly rods. The blanks were imported from the United States, fitted out and marketed by Kilwell Sports back in the early seventies. In their day these were top…

Breakaway Surfcasting Sinkers for distance casting and firm grip

Breakaway Surfcasting Sinkers for distance casting and firm grip

Breakaway Surfcasting Sinkers for distance casting and firm grip on the seabed The breakaway sinker, I believe, first originated in England. The idea was to produce a sinker that would cast a long way, and hold firm on the bottom using wires that would release when a fish hit or the angler decides to reel…