Whitebait Cleaning Screen featured image.

Make a Whitebait Cleaning Screen to Separate Bait from Debris Video

Whitebait Cleaning Screen Video Making a Whitebait Cleaning Screen. Sometimes the best whitebaiting takes place when the river and More...

Whitebait Chips featured image.

Whitebait Chips – the very best way to Cook Whitebait Video

Whitebait Chips – the very best way to Cook Whitebait Video with Allan Burgess The very best way to cook whitebait is to simply More...


Whitebaiting on the West Coast of the South Island with Margaret Fenemor

Whitebaiting on the West Coast of the South Island with Margaret Fenemor One good shoal. Things are looking up. The weather is idyllic, More...

Whitebait box net in use at the mouth of canterbury's Waimakariri River.

How to Catch Whitebait – An Easy Beginner’s Guide with Allan Burgess

How to Catch Whitebait for Fun and a Feed In this article, we explain a bit about whitebaiting and offer a few tips to help the beginner More...

Okarito River whitebaiting featured image July 2016.

Okarito River Whitebaiting, Westland, New Zealand

Okarito River Whitebaiting 2006 Photographs of whitebaiters chasing this New Zealand delicacy [Show slideshow]  More...

Whitebait fritters featured image

Best Whitebait Fritters Recipe

Best Whitebait Fritters Recipe with Allan Burgess Translucent freshly caught whitebait. To make the best whitebait fritters: For each More...

Every now and again a much bigger wave comes sweeping in. It is essential to keep a sharp lookout should a quick retreat back up the beach become necessary. Several sets of eyes on the lookout are an advantage.

Whitebait Scoop Netting at the Rakaia River Mouth, Canterbury – November 2011

Whitebait Scoop Netting Rakaia River Mouth Photographs Allan Burgess Whitebaiters fish the surf on the north side of the Rakaia River More...

Sevengill and Sixgill Sharks – Sevengillers are often caught by surfcasters

Sevengill shark caught by Lewis Garton at Birdlings Flat.

This sevengiller is more gray in colour rather than brown. Sevengill and Sixgill Sharks In 1992 a large sixgill shark was taken in Cook Strait that measured 4.2 metres (14 ft) More...

Albacore Tuna – Thunnus alalunga – Chicken of the Sea!

Rebecca Dore with a big 9.5kg albacore tuna taken off the Kaikoura Coast.

Albacore Tuna can readily be identified by the following: the pectoral fins are very long running past the second dorsal fin, there is a white rear margin on the tail fin, the More...

Mako Shark – Isurus oxyrinchus – Short Finned Mako can swim at 80 kph

Mako Shark - Isurus oxyrinchus. The teeth are designed to seize and hold fast swimming fish.

Mako Shark Mako Shark is also called blue pointer, mackerel shark, and is known in the scientific community as Isurus The short finned mako shark is one of the easiest sharks More...

Sea-run trout fishing video featured image

Sea-Run Brown Trout Video – migrate to sea but spawn in rivers

Sea-Run Brown Trout Fishing in Canterbury Video: Sea-Run Trout Fishing in Canterbury New Zealand Description: Sea-Run Trout Fishing in Canterbury New Zealand. Video showing sea-run More...

Rublex Flopy and Plucky – Natural rubber bibbed minnows from the 1950s and 60s

The hand painted soft rubber Plucky. Rublex Flopy and Plucky The Plucky was a popular casting lure sold in New Zealand from the early 1950s until the late 60s. Few examples More...

Lake Tarawera Trout Fly Fishing – Famous for its big rainbow trout

Lake Tarawera Trout Fly Fishing: Float plane.

Lake Tarawera Trout Fly Fishing Lake Tarawera rests some 18 km to the east of Rotorua. It is the largest of a group of lakes More...

Rotoma, Lake – Trout Fishing

Lake Rotoma, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. Photograph: by Phillip Capper [CC-BY-2.0 (www.creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

Lake Rotoma Trout Fishing Lake Rotoma is situated between Rotorua and Whakatane on state highway 30. The highway More...

A light rub with a candle wax around the inside section of the rod ferrule is all that is required for a snug friction fit. Applying candle wax to the inside section of the ferrule joint will make the join more secure. It will also make it easier to get the sections apart later. Waxing Fishing Rod Ferrules

Waxing Fishing Rod Ferrules Ensures a tight secure join between fishing rod sections Have you ever...

An inexpensive tube of Aquaseal will keep you old waders going a few years longer! Leaking Waders

How to fix leaking Waders Have your waders sprung a leak? Don’t throw them away you...

A little bit of bottled salmon goes a long way. It is best to use smaller bottles if possible. Bottling and Preserving Salmon – how to guide to bottling salmon

Bottling Salmon The Americans call this process canning even when glass jars are used Following congratulations...

Lefty Kreh Deceiver Saltwater Fly – Tying your own Variations

Lefty Kreh Deceiver saltwater fly - Lefty's Deceiver green version size 2/0 well dressed to swim near the surface.

Lefty Kreh Deceiver Saltwater Fly Tying the Lefty Kreh Deceiver Saltwater Fly Pattern Lefty Kreh Deceiver saltwater More...

Saltwater Fly Fishing – SWF

Saltwater Fly Fishing Saltwater fly fishing need not be complicated or expensive. Trout gear can always be tested out on an..

Saltwater Flies with John Hey – Hairwing, Shrimp and Crab Flies

Step 1. Tie in a tail of white calf tail and tinsel. Saltwater Fly Fishing Canterbury Style  A few years back I..

Paringa, Lake, Westland, Trout & Salmon Fishing

Lake Paringa salmon Westland, south-Island of New Zealand.

Lake Paringa Trout and Salmon Fishing A cracking 15 1/2 lb salmon from Lake Paringa. Photograph courtesy of More...

Hokitika Holiday Fishing the Styx, Waitangitaona, Hokitika Rivers, and more

Hokitika Holiday Trout Fishing By Lex Coutts Hokitika Holiday Trout Fishing. With the production of a wet Christmas coming true we..

Hokitika – Snapper caught on beach longline near Hokitika, West Coast, S.I.

Snapper caught on beach longline near Hokitika Snapper fishing for 2007 has been excellent for John and Jean Brewer of Hokitika...
Salmon dvd and download cover featured

Guide to River Mouth Salmon Fishing Video Download Plus Bonus E-books $14.95

The Complete Guide to River Mouth Salmon Fishing Video Download Download The Complete Guide to River Mouth Salmon Fishing as a digital..
The Saltec Thumb Caster shown in the correct position with line in place ready to make a cast. Photo: DJ Moresby.

Saltec Thumb Caster Protects Your Casting Finger

Saltec Thumb Caster Protects Your Casting Finger and Increases Casting Distance Fine braid will cut your fingers very easily. Denis Moresby told..
Opawa River featured image.

Opawa River Trout Fishing, and Taylor River, Marlborough

Opawa River Trout Fishing, and Taylor River Opawa River Trout Fishing. The Opawa River begins in the Wairau Valley and flows..