Monty Wright and his 12.5lb salmon from the Clutha River near Millers Flat.

Millers Flat Salmon Fishing in the Clutha River, Otago

Millers Flat Salmon Fishing in the Clutha River by Monty Wright Monty Wright and his 12.5lb salmon from the Clutha River near Millers More...

Charles Smith, salmon.

The Best Salmon Fishing Rivers New Zealand Map – 27 waters in all

Home » Surfcasting The Best Salmon Fishing Rivers in New Zealand What salmon fishing in Canterbury is all about. Charles Smith with More...

Salmon Fishers at the Rakaia River.

Salmon Fishers – 14 Different Types – Irreverent Though Often Accurate

Home » Surfcasting Salmon Fishers – by Linley Irreverent, funny, but sometimes accurate observations of fellow salmon fishers More...

Photograph: Lyndsay Bishop (left), and Allan Burgess with limit bags caught from small boat in the Waimakariri River.

How to Catch Salmon – 12 Tips to get you started

How to Catch Salmon – 12 Tips to get you started by Allan Burgess Lyndsay Bishop (left), and Allan Burgess with limit bags More...

Rangitata River (Rangi) 17 lb salmon 7 January 2008. This photograph courtesy of Malcolm Bell - The Complete Angler.

To catch four salmon from four different rivers during just one season

Hurunui River 14 lb salmon 31 December 2007. The four rivers were the Hurunui, Waimakariri, Rakaia and Rangitata Greg Martin’s More...


Salmon Salvage at Highbank Powerstation on the Rakaia River (updated)

Salmon Salvage at Highbank by Len Issit Len Isitt with two monster salmon at Highbank 25 March 1996. Photograph, Len Isitt. Salmon More...

Three anglers examine a salmon catch. The Hunt for Houdini.

Finding Salmon – The Hunt for Houdini – A Canterbury Salmon Story

Home » Surfcasting Finding Salmon – The Hunt for Houdini by Linley “Honestly I had one on but it got away. I have a vivid More...

Our combined morning's catch. Not bad at all considering the horrible rain and wind.

Salmon Fishing in the Pouring Rain – Early Morning – Rakaia River Gut

Home » Surfcasting Salmon Fishing in the Pouring Rain with Charles Smith The author with a limit bag from the Rakaia River gut on More...

Faster Fly Tying – Stop Wasting Time Laying Down and Picking Up Scissors

The author's desktop fly tying tool holder makes is much faster to find them when you need them. Made from an off-cut from an old plum tree.

Faster Fly Tying – Simple Organisation Makes a Big Difference “Faster Fly Tying More...

Boobie Fly UV Straggle Chenille – Excellent for fishing the Twizel Canals

Black Boobie Fly featured

Boobie Fly UV Straggle Chenille Trout Lure Black Boobie Fly UV Straggle String with white foam Para Post eyes. Tighter wraps of Straggle String give a bushier body. Brown trout More...

Red Setter Trout Lure Created by Geoff Sanderson of Turangi

Red Setter Trout Lure. Featured image.

Home » Surfcasting The Red Setter is a top fly for migrating pre-spawning rainbow trout The Red Setter Trout Lure is the invention of Geoff Sanderson of Turangi. Geoff and More...

salmon Kaikoura featured

Kaikoura Coast Fishing Part 2 – Salmon fishing, tips, spots, species

Kaikoura Coast Fishing, Part 2 – Tips, spots, species Kaikoura Coast Fishing part 2 A big groper caught off the Kaikoura Coast while fishing aboard the Albatross. Kaikoura More...

Kaikoura Coast Deep Sea Fishing, Surfcasting, Kayak Fishing, Part 1

Kaikoura Coast Fishing – Part 1 Kaikoura Coast Deep Sea Fishing All the best fishing spots at Kaikoura For many years the township of Kaikoura was little more than a fuel More...

Rakaia River Mouth a Top Spot for Sea-Run Trout Fishing

Johnny Richards with a big sea-run brown trout caught at the Rakaia River mouth.

Home » Surfcasting Surf fishing the Rakaia River mouth at first light for kahawai and sea-run brown trout. Rakaia River More...

Sea-run Trout in the Shag, Clutha, Toko and Taieri Rivers

Brent Marshall with an 11.6lb sea-sea-run brown trout from the Taieri River, south of Dunedin. Sea-run trout.

Sea-run Trout in the Taieri River by Brad Martin Brent Marshall with an 11.6lb sea-sea-run brown trout from the More...

Cicada Cicada Trout Dry Fly Fishing with Ian Cole – Plus MP3 of Cicada Singing

Cicada is a large flying insect The unmistakable sound of a male cicada calling or singing...

Hackle Tips Adams and Irresistables. Learn Your Wings – Fly Tying with John Hey – Looking at Methods

Tying Wings on your Dry Fly Patterns With John Hey When I first started tying my...

Love's Lure. 1. Tie in the tail first and then the wings. Hook size 10 - 14 turned down eye. 2. Tie in the body of peacock herl. 3. Tie in black cock hackle. 4. Finish by tying-off and apply a drop of head cement. Loves Lure Trout Fly with John Hey

Loves Lure Trout Fly with John Hey Loves Lure, is a very popular high country dry...

Glimmy Brass Spoon Trout Spinner – An Oldie Very Effective Fish Taker

Glimmy brass trout spoon lure or spinner bait. Featured image.

Home » Surfcasting Glimmy Brass Spoon by Allan Burgess Glimmy brass trout spoon lure or spinner bait. This More...

Tasmanian Devil Trout Spin Fishing Lure or Aquafoil – Including rigging tips on video

Tasmanian Devil Trout Spin Lure This is a very popular trout spin fishing and trolling lure in New Zealand. It comes..

Mepps Black Fury – Trout Blade Spinner

Mepps Black Fury Many Kiwi anglers refer to a trout lure as a spinner even if it doesn’t actually spin. The..

Mustad Fastach Clips in size 0.1 Ref FTCBB – Brilliant for Soft-Baits

Mustad Fastach Clips in size 0.1 Ref FTCBB featured image.

Mustad Fastach Clips make it possible to securely change soft-baits and lures in seconds Mustad Fastach Clips More...

Shimano Sienna 2500FD light weight spin fishing reel excellent value

Shimano Sienna 2500FD The Shimano Sienna 2500FD is a light-weight trout spin fishing reel ideally suited for casting softbaits to trout,..

Trolling for Trout and Salmon with down-riggers and flat-lines

Trolling for Trout 1. Trolling for trout without a down-rigger? You certainly don’t need a down-rigger on your boat to catch..
Tongariro River. This fish had a condition factor of 52.

Tongariro River Trout Fishing – One of Our Most Heavily Fished Rivers

Tongariro River Trout Fishing – Return Trip Written a few years back but very interesting for those contemplating chasing winter rainbows..
I used a trout fly rod and reel setup to target kahawai at the river mouth. The blue Deceiver pattern worked a treat as did several other of my saltwater fly creations. Featured image.

Kahawai fishing on light spinning tackle, softbaits, and fly rod

Kahawai Fishing on light spinning tackle, soft baits, and the fly rod Other names for kahawai: Kopapa, Australian Salmon Kahawai Fishing Kahawai..
Beginners Fly Fishing

Beginners Fly Fishing By Anon – for reasons which will become obvious

Beginners Fly Fishing By Anon – for reasons which will become obvious My story of a beginners fly fishing! Several years..

The Complete Guide to Sea-Run Trout Fishing Ebook. The Complete Guide to Surfcasting Ebook. Spinj Fishing & Trolling for Trout Ebook The Complete Guide to River Mouth Salmon Fishing Video Sea-run trout fishing ebook.
Sea-run trout e-book subscription offer

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