Twizel Canals Fishing Tips – Ohau, Pukaki and Tekapo Canals – Maps Video

Releasing a big rainbow at one of the Twizel Canals.

Twizel Canals Fishing Tips - Plus 35lb rainbow video Here are some Twizel Canals Fishing Tips to get you started. There is 58 km of hydro canals in the Mackenzie Country between Tekapo and the small South Canterbury town of Twizel. The canals have become a tremendously popular freshwater fishing destination over the past…

Game Fishing New Zealand

Yellowtail – King of Broken Water – Milford Sound, Fiordland

This yellowtail all but inhaled the blue and silver Rapala CD 18 plug.

Yellowtail - King of Broken Water by Dick Marquand The yellowtail kingfish, or kingi as it is known in New Zealand game fishing circles, would rate as one of the hardest fighting species of game fish available to the light tackle angler. The yellowtail kingfish, or kingi as it is known in New Zealand game…

Marlin Hunting – The Quest for a Beakie – Game Fishing NZ

Displaying the skills of a surgeon, Skipper David Auld rigs a kahawai "skip bait.

Marlin Hunting - The Quest for a Beakie By Dick Marquand I read with great interest Chappie Chapman's excellent article "Marlin Magic, Mania or Madness?" It brought back to me, memories of the endless planning, the exhilarating experiences, the great camaraderie, the frustrations, as well as the spending of thousands of dollars on travel and…

West Coast Striped Marlin Fishing out of Kaipara Harbour, Northland

All marlin are tagged at the boat, including those that are kept in case they throw the hook at the boat.

We Boated Past the Graveyard of over 125 Shipwrecks By Warwick Judkins You wanna catch a marlin? I first heard these words when I was going to Auckland for my mum's 80th birthday at Christmas and my brother suggested going to Paihia for five days after the event and maybe doing some fishing. On the…

Kahawai Fishing

Malcolm Bell removing a lure from a kahawai before release at the mouth of the Waimakariri River.

Best Kahawai Fishing Lure – Small sprat shaped lures are the best

Best Kahawai Fishing Lure - Smaller lures 10-18g with a single hook work best by Allan Burgess Which is the best kahawai fishing lure for spin fishing at river-mouths? This is an interesting question. When there are plenty of kahawai about does your choice of lure matter that much? Well, I think it still does. …

Kahawai Spin Fishing at River Mouths – Great on Light Tackle Video

Kahawai Fishing at River Mouths on Light Tackle Video Kahawai is one of the most readily available fish species for anglers to catch in New Zealand waters. They often gather in huge numbers around river mouths where they hunt for silveries (smelt), sprats, whitebait, and krill. Kahawai schools will come right in close to…

Marlborough Fishing

Thin Water Snapper and the Meaning of Life – Clova Bay

The rocky point visible from the bathroom window. Our cottage is in the background. (Painting by Johnny W Groome). Thin Water Snapper.

Thin Water Snapper Fishing - Snapper from the Shore by Johnny Groome Have you ever asked yourself that age-old question "What is the meaning of life?" Well, it's simple really. Keep yourself warm and find yourself enough to eat in order to be able to collect as many of the best memories you can. Always…

French Pass, D’Urville Island – Dangerous Passage Tips and Big Kingfish – Updated

French Pass looking across to D’Urville Island at its narrowest point from the Mainland.

French Pass, D'Urville Island - Top Yellowtail Kingfish Spot Plus French Pass Kingfish by Maurice Scoble (scroll down). by Roy Jones French Pass is a most beautiful and rewarding location. It is a top spot for yellowtail kingfish. For those of you fishing it for the first time, it can be quite daunting. That's…

New Zealand Sharks

Surfcasting Birdlings Flat and Kaitorete Spit – steep shelving shingle beach

Malcolm Bell from The Complete Angler in Christchurch caught this cool elephant fish surfcasting at Birdlings Flat December 2016.

Surfcasting Birdlings Flat and Kaitorete Spit In my younger days I spent many an afternoon and evening surfcasting at Birdlings Flat - also called Baileys Beach. I remember the rich red sunsets in particular very well. The best fishing here is usually later in the day. So the setting sun generally heralds the start of…

Otago Fishing

Makarora and Wilkin Rivers Lake Wanaka Otago

Brown trout from the Makaroa River which flows into Lake Wanaka. Photo Monty Wright.

By Monty Wright Being on holiday Colleen and I woke at a respectable hour. We had stayed overnight at Makarora House which is a farm stay facility in the Makarora Valley. From our bedroom, we could look right up the Wilkin River Valley - a beautiful sight for anyone to behold first thing in the…

Harling Lake Dunstan – Best Fly Colours, Line Setups and Harling Tips

by Peter Lemin - Harling Lake Dunstan Part 1 The main angling methods in Lake Dunstan have been trolling as well as fly fishing and thread-lining from the shore. During January, the fishing slowed down considerably, no doubt partly due to the angling pressure the lake received over the Christmas holiday period. I felt sure…

An eye for the Water – A Study of Trout and Where to Find Them

By Monty Wright The habits of various kinds of trout differ considerably. Even though transplanted to new surroundings they still maintain their individual ways. The majority fish which we angle for in the South Island are now in their own individual right a wild strain. These fish were introduced originally by the old Acclimatisation Societies…

Fly Fishing New Zealand

Catch and Release or Catch and Kill – By Dick Marquand

I wonder how many of the huge trout caught and released in the Twizel Canals survive the ordeal and go on to spawn the next generation. Photograph courtesy of Lance Gill and Fish The Drift NZ.

"A good game fish is too valuable to be caught only once." Lee Wulff Advice on Catch and Release to give your big trout the best chance of survival The coolness of the approaching evening signalled the end of another glorious day in paradise. I had covered many kilometres of the Caples River, a blue…

Surfcasting Around New Zealand

Allan and Mark Burgess with sevengill shark from Birdlings Flat.

Birdlings Flat – Sevengill Shark Surfcasting at Birdlings Flat

Surfcasting for Sharks at Birdlings Flat, Kaitorete Spit by Allan Burgess The author and his sevengill shark at Birdlings Flat. It had taken a small frozen mullet cut bait intended for red cod. The trace was 80 lb monofilament and the shock leader 50 lb mono. Luckily the sevengill shark didn't…

Course Fishing

Worms – Starting A Wormery for Freshwater Fish Bait

Tiger worms - Eisenia fetida - one of six different common garden earth worms found in New Zealand.

From Coarse Fishing Corner by the Canterbury Coarse Fishing Club There is scarcely a freshwater species of fish that at some time or other will not readily accept small lively worms. Perch, tench, rudd, and or course eels are particularly attracted to the redworm, which comes from compost heaps. These worms can be fished on…

Coarse Fishing – Getting Started with a Basic Float Fishing Kit

Assembling a Basic Float Fishing Kit for Coarse Fishing Setting up a basic set of tackle for float fishing. One or two items are specifically for Coarse Fishing and are available through a club, the rest you should be able to get through your local tackle shop.…

Tench Fishing in New Zealand – Course Fish Species

The Tench - Tinca tinca Considering the extensive liberations that are known to have taken place in the 1860s and the subsequent world class fishing available to South Islander's as a result, the tench is still a little-known species. In fact,…

Nymphs for Trout

Tungsten Bead Head Attractor Nymph – Good Twizel Canals Nymph

The Black Tungsten Bead Head Attractor Nymph is quite simple to tie. It is an effective pattern for deep water fishing.

Tungsten Bead Head Attractor Nymph This nymph pattern has proven deadly on big rainbows when fishing on the Ohau A Inlet Wall near Twizel. It is, for the most part, an attractor fly. The Black Tungsten Bead Head Attractor Nymph doesn't represent any particular insect though it could be taken for a blowfly or perhaps a spider.…

Hare and Copper Nymph – probably our most popular nymph pattern

Hare and Copper Nymph The Hare and Copper nymph is probably the most popular nymph pattern used to fish for trout in New Zealand. Relatively easy to tie. It is a favourite of the home tier. It is also possible to make numerous variations with different coloured beads, body shapes, and the like to suggest…

Glo-Bug Trout Fishing Flies for Winter Rainbows – Good in Twizel Canals

Glo-Bugs are Fish Egg Imitations by Allan Burgess At first sight, a pink or orange Glo-bug seems an unlikely trout bait. A Glo-bug is a fly tied to imitate a trout or salmon row. It's a fish egg imitation! It can be…

The Complete Guide to River Mouth Salmon Fishing by Allan Burgess

Tips, Tricks, and info on how to get started catching salmon in New Zealand's South Island. Originally sold on DVD. Now on Youtube.

Ohau A Canal Rainbow Trout Fishing

Catching big rainbow trout, along with some browns, mostly by drift fishing nymphs from the top of the Ohau A intake wall. This is exciting trout fishing – although it is somewhat unusual to be fishing in such close proximity with other anglers.

The Complete Guide to Sea-Run Trout Fishing – Online Book – Members Only

Sea-Run Trout Fishing Ebook – Contents, Acknowledgements, Introduction This online book has an introduction and 7 chapters. 1. Where Do Sea-Run Trout Come From. 2. Cucumber Fish, Smelt or Silveries. 3. Tackle for Sea-Run Brown Trout. 4. Fishing Different Rivers – The Mighty Rakaia. 5. The Waimakariri River. 6. Other Sea-Run Trout Fishing Rivers. 7. Dead Drifting Soft Baits. Also includes video. To get immediate access to this content, get your: Fishingmag Website FREE Membership