Rig Shark Tagging Program Update

A great white shark hunting a seal. Image by MLbay from Pixabay.

White Shark – Carcharodon carcharias – Fishing Methods

Great White Sharks by Allan Burgess Also known as White Shark, White Death, Man Eater, or White Pointer (in South Africa), this is the most fearsome of all sharks Important Note. The Great White Shark has been fully protected in New Zealand waters since April 2007. The species is fully protected under The Wildlife Act…

Twizel Canals Fishing

Roland Brunner with a big 24 pound rainbow trout

Mackenzie Canals Fishing Tips – Be prepared to try different things

Mackenzie Canals Fishing Tips - More good tips for fishing the Twizel Canals by Allan Burgess I have fished the canals on a number of occasions with a mate of mine who is very good at catching fish there. He always said to me if it isn't working we should try something else, or move…

FG Knot

Top, the FG knot and bottom back-to-back uni-knots tied in 10lb mono and twenty pound braid. The FG knot has a very slim profile.

FG knot, How to Tie it and Why you should be using it when Spin Fishing

FG knot and why you should be using it when fishing the Twizel Canals  By Allan Burgess  This article is about the FG knot. Why you need it and how to Tie it. The name FG knot as far as I can determine comes from Japan. The FG stands for "Fine Grip". The FG knot…

Wellington Region

Wairarapa Trout – Kopouranga, Waipoua and Mangatarere Streams

Rural scene near Martinborough and Ruamahanga River, Wairarapa, Wellington Region 1958. Photo "Whites Aviation Collection, Alexander Turnbull Library". Discription at bottom of page.

Waiarapa Trout Fishing by Catherine Morrison "These were lake trout, which upon release all headed for the nearest lake, the Pacific Ocean." Wairarapa rivers may not have the quality of the rainbow trout caught in the central North Island, nor perhaps the brown trout equivalent of those caught in the headwaters of the South Island…

Striped Marlin Off the Coast of Taranaki – Aboard Swansong – Keith Chin

Neil Bond and Keith Chin with the striped marlin.

Striped Marlin off the Coast of Taranaki by Keith Chin - Cooking Your Catch in the Wok We were fishing on the Swansong off the coast of Taranaki. The unusual amount of radio chatter during the Penn Sutherland’s West Coast One Base, a marlin tournament hosted by…

Raglan Harbour Fishing

Raglan Harbour Mud-Flatting snapper, gurnard, trevally, kingfish & kahawai

Raglan Harbour

Raglan Harbour - Marlin, XOS Snapper and Tuna Offshore. Excellent Surfcasting. Dangerous Bar and Surf. Mullet and Flounder over Mudflats By DJ Moresby Fifty years ago Raglan was a small little known village on the banks of a muddy Harbour. Few people visited it despite excellent surf beaches and rock fishing. Today its completely changed.…

Marlin Fishing – Trailer Boat Marlin Fishing – Raglan Harbour South

This fish was Neville Neal's biggest marlin caught that summer. A striped marlin weighing 137 kg. All photographs Courtesy of Denis Moresby.

West Coast Marlin with DJ Moresby The coast to the west of Te Kuiti is genuine New Zealand "West Coast". The Tasman sea rolls in as two-metre high waves on a calm day to smash against a rocky shoreline backed by vertical cliffs and steep hills. Here and there amongst the rocks is an…

Trout Fishing

Trout Bait Fishing Secrets – Confessions of a Bait Angler

The author with a brownie from the Selwyn River. Trout Bait Fishing Secrets.

By Piscator Not without a certain amount of soul searching, liberally mixed with fear and trembling, it was that l approached the writing of this article. You see I have a confession to make, and at this point, I feel I should warn any purist readers to read no further, as offensive language and four-letter…

Catch and Release or Catch and Kill – By Dick Marquand

I wonder how many of the huge trout caught and released in the Twizel Canals survive the ordeal and go on to spawn the next generation. Photograph courtesy of Lance Gill and Fish The Drift NZ.

"A good game fish is too valuable to be caught only once." Lee Wulff Advice on Catch and Release to give your big trout the best chance of survival The coolness of the approaching evening signalled the end of another glorious day in paradise. I had covered many kilometres of the Caples River, a blue…