Bikini Trout Twizel Canals Fishing Story

Bikini trout weighing 14.2 pounds landed at the confluence of the Pukaki and Ohau Canals

by Roland Brunner and Nantyia Boontong Determined anglers Nantiya and partner Roland have been travelling around New Zealand in their campervan since November 2016. In their travels, Nantiya was impressed with some of the great catches posted on tackle-shop walls. She also noted how somberly the anglers were dressed and promised that, should she catch…

New Zealand Sea Fishes

Trevally – Caranx georgianus – later Pseudocaranx dentex

Trevally - Caranx georgianus

Trevally - Caranx georgianus - In recent years, following study in Japan - Pseudocaranx dentex - Maori name is Araara by Allan Burgess The trevally is a moderately deep-bodied pelagic fish that…

Kingfish, Yellowtail – Seriola lalandi – How to catch yellowtail kingfish

Nantiya with a huge 28lb yellowtail kingfish. Photo courtesy of Roland Brunner.

Yellowtail Kingfish - Hard fighting premier New Zealand gamefish by Allan Burgess and Dick Marquand Also known as Kingi (New Zealand) Yellowtail Amberjack (Canada, USA). Believed to be increasing in numbers around the South Island as sea temperatures rise. Small yellowtail kingfish, often referred to by anglers as a rat king, weighing about 6kg…

Garfish also called Piper – Hyporhamphus ihi – How to Catch Piper/Garfish


Garfish or Piper - Hyporhamphus ihi Other names for garfish: takeke, piper, halfbeak Garfish also called Piper – Hyporhamphus ihi. This one is about 30cm in length which is an excellent size for eating. To cook simply gut, coat in flour and cook in butter. When fresh they also make excellent…

Allan’s Fishing Blog

Webpages, ebooks, video and FREE Membership

Webpages, eBooks, Videos and Free Membership

Webpages, eBooks, Videos and Free Membership Allan Burgess at his favourite haunt: the tidal zone below the bridges on the Waimakariri River. I have fished this section for sea-run brown trout almost every spring for 30 years. Although there is always some fluctuation in fish numbers from year to year,…

Canterbury Low-Land Trout Fishery Pollution – Not All Doom and Gloom 

Canterbury Low-Land Trout Fishery Pollution - Not All Doom and Gloom  According to John Kent, as they say in Texas, the locals refer to their water as, "too thick to pour and too thin to plough?" Cattle polluting a waterway is not something you see very often nowadays. A big improvement…


Havelock Snapper Ecstasy – fishing charter run by a snapper guru

Havelock Snapper.

Havelock Snapper Ecstasy - A fishing charter run by a snapper guru  The aim of the holiday was to catch the big ones, snapper and kingfish. We went around beforehand and spent heaps on all sorts of little gadgets supposedly perfect for targeting the prize of the average saltwater…

D’Urville Island Fishing – North Western Tip of the Marlborough Sounds

Featured Image. The author Darryl French with a hard-fighting D'Urville Island yellowtail kingfish.

D'Urville Island Fishing - Finding the Best Spots by Darryl French Looking at D’Urville Island, where it is, and what sort of fishing we have here. D’Urville Island is located at the northwestern end of the Marlborough Sounds,…


Takaroa II Fishing off the East Coast of Stewart Island

Takaroa II at Bluff Harbour.

Takaroa II Fishing Success for the Southern Sportfishing Club By Dick Marquand with photographs by Allan Burgess The first time that I saw the Takaroa II was at Bluff Harbour where I was engaged in a spot of fishing with my good friend Dave Craze. I…

How-to Advice and Fishing Tips

Taxidermy Fish – Mounting the Whopper – Preparation Matters

Brown trout mounts on display at Mt Cook salmon farm near Twizel. A three dimentional mount is way better than just a photograph.

Taxidermy Fish with Monty Wright Photo (1) Denis Brundell’s 16.5lb (7.5kg) brown trout. Each time we head out fishing we all dream of capturing that large fish but in many cases are poorly prepared if it does happen. What should you carry with you to be prepared? One of the first things should be a…

Taking Kids Fishing – Tips for getting kids started learning to fish

Taking Kids Fishing by Stephen Coote There are good reasons to take children fishing and there are things we can do to make the activity safe and enjoyable. Civilisation seems to move people further from nature. Basic skills and activities have less emphasis placed…

Smoking Fish – How to prepare and cook fish by the hot smoking method

How to Smoke Fish Smoking fish in a hot smoker I must admit that some of my earlier smoking fish sessions have produced less than perfect results. I finally caught on and would like to pass on the following advice. This is really a…

Freshwater Fishes

Sockeye Salmon – Oncorhynchus nerka – Limited to Waitaki River Catchment – Video

Sockeye Salmon - Oncorhynchus nerka

Sockeye Salmon - Oncorhynchus nerka - only landlocked stocks are found in New Zealand Most New Zealand freshwater anglers will have never seen a sockeye salmon. They are only found in the Waitaki River catchment, especially in lakes Ohau and…

Central North Island

Tongariro River. This fish had a condition factor of 52.

Tongariro River Trout Fishing – One of Our Most Heavily Fished Rivers

Tongariro River Trout Fishing - Return Trip Written a few years back but very interesting for those contemplating chasing winter rainbows on this world famous river!  by Piscator Not without a sense of deja-vu that I sat on board a Mount Cook Airline’s flight…

Bay of Plenty

Marlin. Doug Payton (right) with his 60th birthday 105 kg striped marlin caught near Astrolabe Reef

Marlin – Mt Maunganui – Astrolabe Reef – Happy 60th Birthday

Marlin - Mt Maunganui - Astrolabe Reef - Happy 60th Birthday by Andrew Padlie What do most people do for their 60th Birthday? Well, have a party of course. You get heaps of presents from loved…


Video caption:

Catching big rainbow trout, along with some browns, mostly by drift fishing nymphs from the top of the Ohau A intake wall. This is exciting trout fishing – although it is somewhat unusual to be fishing in such close proximity with other anglers.

Saltwater Fly Fishing

Kahawai fishing on light spinning tackle, softbaits, and fly rod

I used a trout fly rod and reel setup to target kahawai at the river mouth. The blue Deceiver pattern worked a treat as did several other of my saltwater fly creations. Photograph of kahawai taken on a saltwater fly.

Kahawai Fishing on light spinning tackle, soft baits, and the fly rod Other names for kahawai: Kopapa, Australian Salmon For Kahawai Profile by Dick Marquand (scroll down) Kahawai Fishing I used a trout fly rod and reel setup to target kahawai at the river mouth. The blue Deceiver pattern worked a treat…

Arawata River Mouth Kahawai on Saltwater Fly & Ultra Light Spin Gear

Arawata River Mouth Kahawai on Saltwater Fly & Ultra Light Spin Gear with Dick Marquand When Aaron Horrell and I visited South Westland during a fishing expedition, we both agreed that we should make…

Lefty Kreh Deceiver Saltwater Fly – Tying your own Variations

Lefty Kreh Deceiver Saltwater Fly Tying the Lefty Kreh Deceiver Saltwater Fly Pattern Best known as Lefty's Deceiver The Lefty Kreh Deceiver saltwater fly is perhaps the best known and most popular…


This fish was Neville Neal's biggest marlin caught that summer. A striped marlin weighing 137 kg.

Marlin Fishing – Trailer Boat Marlin Fishing – Raglan Harbour South

West Coast Marlin with DJ Moresby The coast to the west of Te Kuiti is genuine New Zealand "West Coast". The Tasman sea rolls in as two-metre high waves on a calm day to…