Trumpeter – Latris lineata – Found mostly over rocky foul ground

Trumpeter - Latris lineata 1200px

Trumpeter - Latris lineata by Allan Burgess The Trumpeter by Dick Marquand (Scroll down this page). A freshly caught trumpeter has a brightly coloured handsome appearance. This one was caught by Allan Burgess fishing off…

Feathered Trout Streamer Flies

Salmon Flies and Sea-Run Trout Flies – 14 Patterns for Kiwi Fly Tyers

Salmon Flies and Sea-Run Trout Flies - 14 Patterns for Kiwi Fly Tyers.

By Allan Burgess Very few New Zealand anglers fish for salmon with salmon flies and true fly fishing tackle. The Canterbury braided rivers, which are where the majority of salmon are caught, don't really lend themselves to traditional fly fishing. These big rivers often run swift and dirty. Even when running clear the water where…

Fuzzy Wuzzy Trout Lure by Fred Fletcher, Waitahanui Lodge, Lake Taupo

Fuzzy Wuzzy trout fly.

Fuzzy Wuzzy is a trout egg imitation fly The Fuzzy Wuzzy was created by the late Fred Fletcher to imitate freshwater crayfish (koura) in Lake Taupo. Fletcher was the original builder and owner of the Waitahanui Lodge he started way back in 1932. The simple bach-like lodge situated next to the Waitahanui River, which flows into the eastern…

Black Phantom Trout Night Fly is tied using feathers from the Pukeko

Black Phantom Trout Fly

Black Phantom Trout Fly The Black Phantom is the most handsome of night flies, particularly…

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A little bit of bottled salmon goes a long way. It is best to use smaller bottles if possible.

Bottling Salmon – how to guide to bottling salmon and other fish

Bottling Salmon - Also effective for Trout, kahawai and Mullet The Americans call this preserving process canning even when glass jars are used Following congratulations from your fishing mates on having finally landed a salmon,…

Pilchard Distance Casting for Rock Anglers and Surfcasters

By Jack Whittler My aim is to encourage do-it-yourselfers to make up their own - they can be made of all manner of tubular materials built to suit an individual's requirements, can cast any bait materials to distances in excess of the old method, by wrapping the trace around the bait. Any length of trace may…

West Coast – Westland

Catch and Release – Exquisite Moment at Larry’s Creek

Graeme Smith with his 5lb rainbow from Larry's Creek (near Reefton). Catch and Release.

Catch and Release - Exquisite Moment at Larry's Creek - also known as the Awarau River, Near Reefton by Graeme Smith It happens in that one exquisite moment, that moment we wait for, are watching for, yet usually miss. One instant it's there, the next instant it's not. Catch and Release. Like watching a magician,…

Whitebait Streamer Fly – Make your whitebait stand out in a crowd

Whitebait Streamer Fly.

Whitebait Streamer Fly for Sea-Run Trout Fishing by Chris Tonkin The first of the smelt runs appear in South Westland rivers about mid-October, adding a further dimension to some very interesting tidal fishing. River mouths with adjacent shallow tidal areas have provided great sport for the few anglers exploiting them. There is really nothing to…


French Pass, D’Urville Island – Dangerous Passage Tips and Big Kingfish – Updated

French Pass looking across to D’Urville Island at its narrowest point from the Mainland.

French Pass, D'Urville Island - Top Yellowtail Kingfish Spot Plus French Pass Kingfish by Maurice Scoble (scroll down). by Roy Jones French Pass is a most beautiful and rewarding location. It is a top spot for yellowtail kingfish. For those of you fishing it for the first time, it can be quite daunting. That's…

Otago Fishing

Makarora and Wilkin Rivers Lake Wanaka Otago

Brown trout from the Makaroa River which flows into Lake Wanaka. Photo Monty Wright.

By Monty Wright Being on holiday Colleen and I woke at a respectable hour. We had stayed overnight at Makarora House which is a farm stay facility in the Makarora Valley. From our bedroom, we could look right up the Wilkin River Valley - a beautiful sight for anyone to behold first thing in the…

Harling Lake Dunstan – Best Fly Colours, Line Setups and Harling Tips

by Peter Lemin - Harling Lake Dunstan Part 1 The main angling methods in Lake Dunstan have been trolling as well as fly fishing and thread-lining from the shore. During January, the fishing slowed down considerably, no doubt partly due to the angling pressure the lake received over the Christmas holiday period. I felt sure…

An eye for the Water – A Study of Trout and Where to Find Them

By Monty Wright The habits of various kinds of trout differ considerably. Even though transplanted to new surroundings they still maintain their individual ways. The majority fish which we angle for in the South Island are now in their own individual right a wild strain. These fish were introduced originally by the old Acclimatisation Societies…

Freshwater Fishes

Sockeye Salmon – Oncorhynchus nerka – Limited to Waitaki River Catchment – Video

Sockeye Salmon - Oncorhynchus nerka

Sockeye Salmon - Oncorhynchus nerka - only landlocked stocks are found in New Zealand Most New Zealand freshwater anglers will have never seen a sockeye salmon. They are only found in the Waitaki River catchment, especially in lakes Ohau and…

Central North Island

A typical "fresh" rainbow trout from the Whitikau Pool. Tongariro River trout.

Tongariro River Trout – Fly Bombs on the “Big T” – A Mainland Perspective

By Tom Fraser The Tongariro can be an intimidating river and sitting in the pre-dawn gloom with the frost settling on me, it dawned upon me just how easily someone could approach this river, be overawed and have very little success. We were excited to be finally fishing the world-famous Tongariro River Trout fishery that…

Bay of Plenty

The author with a 14kg albacore which grabbed a lure intended for marlin.

Albacore Tuna Fishing Out of Tauranga in the Bay of Plenty

Game Fishing with Andrew Padlie During the winter months fishing around Tauranga becomes pretty much limited to the usual table fish species. Not knocking the area as the bottom fishing can be red hot at times, but it seems the same situation occurs all around the North Island. Only recently though we have found something…

Tekapo Canal Trout Tagging 24 July 2020 – CSI Fish & Game – The tagging project will assess how adult trout that migrate to the Tekapo Canal from Lake Tekapo contribute to the canal fishery.

If you catch a tagged trout in the canals, could you please record its four-digit number, weight and size (length) as best you can, approximate location, and if you kept it or released it and send those details to: or call us on 03 615-8400

Ohau A Canal Rainbow Trout Fishing

Catching big rainbow trout, along with some browns, mostly by drift fishing nymphs from the top of the Ohau A intake wall. This is exciting trout fishing – although it is somewhat unusual to be fishing in such close proximity with other anglers.

Fly Fishing New Zealand

Floods and Their Impact on Trout Fishing and Trout Food

The Waimakariri River in flood- no fishing today! A 1000 years ago the Waimakariri River ran into Lake Ellesmere. It is now "fenced" in by stopbanks.

By Monty Wright Nature's creation of rivers was originally developed by excessive rain falling on the land creating its own channels and flooding much of the deltas. Some floods are slow and steady while other ones have immense energy through the amount of rain that falls. Although the river systems were originally created by this…

Catch and Release – Exquisite Moment at Larry’s Creek

Catch and Release - Exquisite Moment at Larry's Creek - also known as the Awarau River, Near Reefton by Graeme Smith It happens in that one exquisite moment, that moment we wait for, are watching for, yet usually miss. One instant it's there, the next instant it's not. Catch and Release. Like watching a magician,…

Catch and Release or Catch and Kill – By Dick Marquand

"A good game fish is too valuable to be caught only once." Lee Wulff Advice on Catch and Release to give your big trout the best chance of survival   The coolness of the approaching evening signalled the end of another glorious day in paradise. I had covered many kilometres of the Caples River, a…


This fish was Neville Neal's biggest marlin caught that summer. A striped marlin weighing 137 kg.

Marlin Fishing – Trailer Boat Marlin Fishing – Raglan Harbour South

West Coast Marlin with DJ Moresby The coast to the west of Te Kuiti is genuine New Zealand "West Coast". The Tasman sea rolls in as two-metre high waves on a calm day to…