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    Just got home from Amberly …..the wind was managable …..nothing like Kaikoura 3 weeks ago …..I can imagine it might have been pretty ugly up there …

    Skate took out the prizes ….888mm first , 880 second ….840 third …..etc

    It was pretty sad fishing actually ….Im happy tho ,the third placing scored me a new fish smoker …..I was in the shop looking at buying one yesterday lol

    Wonder how they got on up the line …..


    any other fish caught?


    2-3 more skate …..a handful of mullet …..
    A school of doggies came in close at the nth end of the beach , so heaps of people hooked into those .. lots of crabs ….

    A massive school of kahawai was drifting up and down the beach for the first 2 hours ……out of most peoples reach from what the weighin guys were saying ….
    …..when they came past us I dropped the daughters sinker right in the middle of them …same with mine , then the boys ….

    Freshly salted pilly oozing oil , but they only hit the boys gear ……oddly the worst cast of the 3 …by a long way
    Sadly he lost it in the wash as I was busy landing a skate …….

    Other than that , from peeking into the weighin guys note books , nah … was not great fishing at all


    Kaikoura was shit. Loads of skate, couple doggies and winning fish was a school shark. Some people didn’t catch anything.


    Kaikoura was much more productive overall then previous years but the fishing was still slow. Believe over 100 fish were caught. No truly large fish were landed, i think the winning fish was a 5kg tope. In general the weather was good, a little wind at times but it did not last for long. Nicely overcast so it did not get to hot. Hard to find a nicer day to fish a competition.

    Southerly eventually turned up shortly after the comp finished and roughed the sea up.


    i thought it was biggerthan that mili. and that was in the juniors wasnt it? cause some of the skate were over 5kg


    I went up to amblery and as was said the fishing was not good we had 4 rods out my mate got a crab and so did i the wife and mates son got nothing so really didnt we didnt get a bit for the 6hrs we fished.. there were no fish hooked either side of us as far as we saw…was at prize giving well done to the winners was hard fishing for little reward


    The fiery ginga


    i came 9th at kais was such a shit day lol

    Fishy Bishy

    Up here (Levin area) we had the summer surf contest on Sunday at Waitarere Beach, between Levin and Foxton.
    Beach very like New Brighton, long flat and sandy.
    Wind was in our faces all day from Norwest then northerly.
    Crap sea with waves crashing in from about 200m and beyond.

    Bugger all fish weighed in, about 11 Kahawai all-told.
    No Snapper caught at all, prize balloted out five ways, $100 each.

    Winning fish 2.7kg, then 2.2kg, 2.1 and 2 then down to just on 1kg or thereabouts.
    Only 4 places and spot prizes, kids section (None caught) and Ladies section (Winner caught 2 Kahawai!)

    Overall, a good day on the water but a crap day for results.
    Congrats to the winner, Ian Anderson, who also took 4th place!


    got like 17th at kaikoura

    shitty skate

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