• Yes George, another nice guy and PROVEN fisho.

    Everybody loves a family man Yeahnah, but fishing stripes are earned eh

  • Hi Yeahnah, think I actually might know who you are and am I right in saying you got badly schooled when you fished the club comps? :wink: It’s easy to argue you’re getting good results when you don’t actually have to front up. That’s why i’d recommend Steve, he fronts up with a bin of fish every time, most guys can’t even live in his company. You…[Read more]

  • Hi there, i’m Welly based too. Pete Lamb has been out of the game for ages. I’d strongly recommend going to Steve’s fishing Shop in Ghuznee Street. Steve has won the Wellington beach fishing title several times, is a great bloke and will give you good honest advice. Hamill’s is a good shop but doesn’t have any good surfcasters on the staff, talk…[Read more]

  • i’m with ya on the livebaits rocky, very exciting way to fish. Yeah, my comments are really just cos there’s no really reliable livebait available to you down there. Down the Catlins you could probably use blue cod, i’ve caught kingies on those, but they are not exactly strong swimming fish like a kahawai. I guess i’m just syaing that if i was…[Read more]

  • Forget livebaiting with coutas. If you manage to hold one down and hook it through the back once you put it in the water it will make a serious nuisance of itself. My bet is that it will find the trace and bite it off. Trouble is that in the absence of kahawai you’re lacking a mid-sized pelagic fish to use as livebait. That being the case i’d…[Read more]

  • would be really interesting to see some LBG effort put around the Sth Island over the next few years. I agree with Rocky that there is potential aorund areas like Catlins and you might be surprised what might show up if you had a livebait out in a likely spot. I’m Nth Island based but Sth Island born and have to say it blew my mind the first time…[Read more]

  • hey there, i’m new plymouth based but generally go to wanaka for xmas. try and get over to haast / jacksons bay for a fish each year if the weather presents. at that time of year there tends to be plagues of small tope sharks but have managed the odd horse kahawai. the water temps get right up there, was 18 degrees when i was down there last year…[Read more]