Port underwood kayak mission.

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    Just done a Kayak mission in port underwood. Launched at Ocean Bay, saw a few small work ups but only trolled though them…. Paddled over to the southern point. There was a decent chop to the waves but little wind. It was sheltered enough on the far side.

    Fished mainly with plastics and gulp. Tried gulp maggot and mussels on size 12 hooks hoping for a butterfish but only caught spotties. Caught a small shark on a gulp lure, trolled back to ocean bay. Noticed the work ups again and had another fish, they were fast moving so had little time. Caught a KY before the largest workup speed away to the east. Fished a bit more but the sea was getting rougher. Decided to call it a day and returned to Ocean Bay.

    All up covered around 10km. Would take my spearfishing gear next time.

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