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    Fishy Bishy

    New for me but this is probably the way things used to be before Kontikis, Torpedoes and Kayaks…..

    Went out for an evening sojourne at Waitarere, our local, last night (Saturday).

    I had made a setline that can be handled by one on an easy beach.


    Wade out as far as possible carrying the 10oz sinker and set/release the 10 trailing baited hooks set at 1m apart.

    Set in a gutter or channel found at low tide, retrieve when necessary or when tide increases etc.

    Tip: Use good solid baits and float that LIFT the bait up away from marauding crabs.

    Set line is connected to a Landbased or Standup Game rod, or similar with in my case, 80lb Braid mainline minimum.

    Sit back and watch the sunset or sunrise or sunbathers or whatever!


    Several hits were identified on the setline and despite using recurve 4/0 hooks (Mutsu), no fish were secured.

    During a rally of activity, I set up a surfrod alongside wuth a single hook quik rig, Octopus bait (as on the setline) and shot that out a similar distance to the setline. There was one good solid hit to no avail then a real good hit as a dumb seagull flew into the line and dropped like a shot duck into the briny. 😮

    A quick advance from son, Sam, and the stupid blind bird shook itself, released the line from around its neck and buggered off.

    Tally: A big fat Geno (Tokoroa) [b:q6bwdl8f]ZIP [/b:q6bwdl8f]but…..the fish and chips from Jeanine’s beach side shop are to die for!!!!

    Prognosis for the setline: This worked as good as I expected and sadly not as good as I hoped.

    Fishing an incoming full moon tide, we were off the beach before the 1030pm high as they are a good deal higher this week than usual. We fished the change of light and I will certainly do this method again soon.

    I am sure the result will be different at other times and as with all fishing perserverance pays off. ;)


    A reasonably priced sit on Kayak for transporting the line beyond wading distance, especially when the water cools

    down…. :roll:


    My father use to set a line in a similar way in the sounds when I was a kid. Caught the occasional snapper.


    I have just recentley set a line in the same fasion over on the west coast, Ross.

    Sadley we had to leave the beach as the tide was comeing in and pulled it in early,

    I will be doing it again and giveing it a bit more of a soak next time.

    I used a sack at each end with a few rocks in, and a 2 or 3ml thick cord as a main line to the beach, tied it off to a well dug in rod stand.

    Crabs were a problem, so I like the float idea and maybe Ill try just weighting one end next time.

    Trial and error…but the genral idea has merrit I think,

    Be keen to hear how ya all get on with your next attemts.

    Cheers, Hipp

    Fishy Bishy

    Got the Kayak last weekend, went out and took our teenagers to do the paddle into a brisk Souwester.
    Used mixed baits, Octopus, Squid, Bonito and found the Occy the best plus I had a Pilly in an onion bag offcut and that was OK too. Better method than bait elastic.
    Got a big hit and run, then another run soon after but whatever it was dropped the Pilly.
    Will experiment further with that when this winter blast blows over!!
    Big Snapper on longlines lately…another gloating phonecall from an old mate this morning….a 21lber this week, not that far out either. Plus, his wasn’t the biggest for the monthly prize at the local club!!
    Time to turbo the paddles I think.

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