MDC plans to destroy popular fishing location.

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    The Marlborough District Council is hoping to build a temporary gravel dam across the diversion, to convert most of the wariau river flow down past spring creek. This would not only be a huge waste of rates payers money but could even result in the diversion mouth closing to the Sea.

    The diversion is the most popular shorebased fishing location in Marlborough. The councils logic behind the need for the gravel dam is flawed, they are claiming that too much water is going down the diversion which is resulting in sediment build up in the main Wariau channel…..

    But if the council knew there history they would realise that only half of the Wairau river historically went down the Wairau past spring creek township, the other half (often more) went down what is now the Opawa river. By causing most of the water to go down the main wairau channel it would increase river flows to a level above what was historically meant to flow down that stretch of river. The only reason they needed the diversion is becaused they blocked the wariau from flowing down its south branch (The Opawa).

    The wairau plains waterways is already heavily modified by man. So the council should stop wasting rates payers money and allow the river to flow where it wants to go. The diversion provides to much recreational value so the council should not be allowed to downgrade it. They created it, they now need to live with it.

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