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    There is dozens of different fishing lines on the market, so decided to make a thread where we can share our experiences and views of different lines which we have tried.


    still using my 50lb powerpro braid. cant fault it yet. although have a large spool of 30lb sufix something yet to try its got like 1200m on it so may try that sometime on one of my other reels. i dont really see myself going back to mono for mainline anytime soon… the sufix i got is thinner to its comparision of powerpro so could be handier


    [b:17hj6zha]Pioneer Flexline[/b:17hj6zha]
    I spooled a couple of reels up with 25lb (.40mm) line a few seasons back, i have since respooled a couple of reels but found it to be a good product with little memory, good knot strength and good abrasion resistance. I really do like this line.

    [b:17hj6zha]Suifix Synergy[/b:17hj6zha]
    I spooled a couple of reels with 19lb (0.35mm) line late winter this year. In most regards it is a good line but it does have a memory problem and line twists can be a problem. The red colour does make it easier to see.

    [b:17hj6zha] Kilwell Monofilament[/b:17hj6zha]
    This appears to be a cheap generic line, made in Maylasia. Was 30lb and 0.55mm diameter. Only used it for a few days and hated it, found it totally uncontrollable and gave up.

    [b:17hj6zha]Berkley Trilene Extra Tough[/b:17hj6zha]
    Had this line on a couple of reels but found it showed signs of abrasion quite quickly, and the knot strength was a bit suspect at times.


    [b:2miqlo33]Ultima F1[/b:2miqlo33].

    Clear .31 very smooth limp line very good casting and stands up to abrasion quite well.

    [b:2miqlo33]Ultima Distance [/b:2miqlo33]

    Yellow .32/.35 rated as a true distance casting line and it lives up to the claims ultra smooth and limp it just flows off the spool. NOT a good line for snaggy spots as its a bit soft

    [b:2miqlo33]Ultima red ice [/b:2miqlo33]

    Red! .32/35 This is tied with the next line as my favorite fishing line great knot strength casts well and is quite tough .

    [b:2miqlo33]Suffix ultra supreme [/b:2miqlo33]

    Yellow and clear .32/.35 very similar to the red ice above just maybe a bit softer ?

    [b:2miqlo33]Sakuma nite crystal[/b:2miqlo33]

    Yellow .33 Only ever cast this over grass so far … and so far so good has a different feel to the other but casts very very well.

    I have a distinct preference for higher vis lines for fishing and casting just makes it easier to see whats happening .I just use clear shockleaders for fishing to reduce the possible fish scaring element .

    Ultima power flex
    70lb and in yellow( casting ) and clear ( fishing )
    This stuff is the best ! I have tried the varvaris and the ultimas tapered leaders but this level 70lb stuff is the biz! just soooo tough !

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