fishing in NSN region ( fast answers needed pls)

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    Hi Guys & guys

    I am taking my leave now after xmas and new year. the Canterbury high country is out now due to harsh weather and second option of going to the rangitata to surf fish is out since the river is coming down with flood warnings.So anyway was in smiths city to exchange a faulty tent today and in there i picked up “the fishing paper”and it had a attached paper about fishing in the nelson region.

    My questions are is it worth coming up there for a few days to camp in a camping ground(or freedom camping) and get the 12ft dinghy out and chase some fish.

    can anyone give me advice and directions to fish up there to try get snapper,kingies or anything we cant get in Canterbury please .

    we were hoping to head off tomorrow since our weather is turning to shit with the NW winds playing havoc on rivers and the mountains.

    Any info is greatly appreciated

    Kind regards



    Ive just moved to the Nelson/Tasman area in the last month and so far it seems the Blind channel at dawn and dusk seems to be producing the best results for Snapper close to Nelson city landbased.

    It has been very windy up here for the last few days with wind gusts up to 80km at Nelson airport im not sure on how rough Tasman bay is, yesterday the sea was quite calm close to shore but its just something you might want to consider if your bringing up a dinghy.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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