Re: Thresher Sharks


I hooked a large thresher shark off the pier well over 100kg back in dec 2003 28th at 12.50pm (I remeber everything about that day!) and that thing was huge! you could see its black eyes well out over 200m away, hooked it bye sending out a fairly large dead mullet 200m-300m out, leaped out of the water many times, was a magnificent sight but lost it after about 30mins, I was pretty young using pretty shitty gear and it hammered it! also foul hooked a small one day when there was a large school of kahawai but it came off . That day another small thresher was landed around 10kg, was fould hooked however. The guy that has caught two both got them early in the morning round 6am using a ledger trace and bonito bait. One being 100kg and the other 60kg just lucky catches realy, he did say they were quite tasty lol another guy that I use to fish paul the aussie with lost a few at the pier awhile back by sending out baits, he did land a few small ones. Yeah most of the ones I know about at the pier were all in the month december. Another guy I know apprently lost a failry large one at amberley beach while fishing for school sharks. They are deffinatley there, ross who use to own the brighton sports shop use to tell me that he saw them quite regulary or heard boaties talk about them around the canterbury waters. There was an article awhile back in the fishing news about targeting threshers sharks which was quite interesting.