Re: Surfcasting In Timaru


Zac, im off down there new years day(thur) till prob monday afternoon.anywhere between the track in front of the camping ground to about the cliffs is good area to put rods up in . in front of the 2 story bach is best as its sandy there and not as much shingle,have always had good success with getting onto a giller there, i dont know why but i think it has something to do with the sand there and changes from shingle to sand etc .use the crab for the rig there at mid evening to dark, and the fresh pipi for the ele’s, but make sure you tie the crab and pipi on as will fall off in the cast . and also fresh mullet for the giller’s. if your coming down give me a text or something , my # is 027-593-2966 , Cheers Neil

PS: use some heavy trace line,is some big monsters out there just behind the breakers :D

PPS: Yes it is a nice place and very peaceful to get away to for just on ya own or for a family weekend away.