Re: Surfcasting Dunedin


I havnt done any fishing in Dunners but I did a fair bit of recon work when I used to come down and I reckon on a calm day you could find possie on the rocks around the Taiaroa head area.Checked out some beaches also but the seem to be shallowish sandy surf beaches so you would either need a good setup to lobb your baits out far enough to clear the breakers or some waders and do it 90 mile beach style.
I reckon the rocks around the Tairoa head area would be the shit.Prob bigger variety of fish and alot easier to find deeper water.If I remember correctly there was a small stretch of beach on the south side of the peninsula called boulder beach?? It was all shingle and seemed to be a bit steeper than any other and it would be my choice over any sandy surf beach.
But like I said I never fished there and its been a few years but from what I saw it seemed you Southern fishers are spoilt for choice :grin:
Let us know how you get on 8)