Re: salmon season 2012-13


Thanks for the help, much appreciated.

Looking like the rivers will be up for a while so my Fri – Mon trip will likely be to a few springers with the flyrod. I’m away next Wed (2 week family holiday) to our farm in Kaikoura which is about 5km south of the Clarence mouth so I’ll pop down there each morning for a look see and hopefully its firing the same as the local rivers. I usually chase the Kahawai there with the flyrod but if the salmon are around I might leave the flyrod in the truck!

Re selling up and buying a jet boat……..maybe I should work on convincing 2 of my mates to dust the cobwebs off theirs, hang of alot of money parked up their driveways and the quad and inflatable are hand on the farm and diving north of Kaikoura. :-)

But seriously, thanks again,

I’ll get me one of these silver slabs yet! or maybe young Tom could take me out and show me how its done?????? Pay an old fella back for the tying clinics with Peter Carty aye Tom????? wink wink……