• Hey Tom, I was doing the same. Spotted 3 in a pool on the Hurunui on Tuesday and watched as 2 followed the lure and missed it on the seing. One was in 2 feet of water sitting behind a rock. Might pop back with the fly rod and see what happens.

  • Looking at having a look at the Hurunui mouth on Mon. I have a quad bike but am wondering if anyone knows whether I am best to access from the north or south side of the river? Will likely go for a wonder up stream as well.Thanks

  • Is anyone using luminous zedees? I used expoxy and some luminous powder and they look and glow great but I’ve never used em before. Was thinking maybe the Hurunui gut at night…..thoughts…..

  • Spent the day on the Rakaia. Jet boated from Southbridge right up to about 2km short of the pylons fishing along the way. Low and clear water conditions and dint spot a fish all day.

    Apart from a bunch of guys fishing the lagoon where the mouths came in and also the first pool or two up from the lagood there werent many people around.

    Have there…[Read more]

  • … 624009.htm

    Theres one on TM now.

  • Thanks again. I’d been fishing the zedee like a nymph, casting it as high up as I could and dead drifting it on the bottom through what I thought was the best water. I’d retrieve the slack line to keep in contact with the lure but would find that the lure didnt swing much below because I had retrieved quite a bit of line. I was also casting more…[Read more]

  • So another question.
    You come up to a piece of water and identify the sweet spot (I’d be lucky if I could do that!!!) that you suspect the fish will be sitting.

    Ideally do you want to stand below the sweet spot and dead drift the lure through it or do you want the lure to swing through the sweet spot at the end of the drift below you?

    The fish…[Read more]

  • Thanks Greeneman.

    I gave up on the salmon in the mid-late 90’s when the decline started and focused on flyfishing with the old gorrilla stick (legend rod in its day :oops: ) and Abu6500 being used more for cod and dust gathering than anything else.

    Truth be said I was never great at the salmon fishing and probably landed only 2 or 3 in the couple of…[Read more]

  • Firstly a big thanks to everyone that has offered help and advice, especially Kevin for the picts which I poured over yesterday before setting out on my long awaited first full day out trying for salmon since the mid 90’s.

    After a couple of hours on the Mac last week making sure I got use to the 6500 I was looking forward to finally getting out…[Read more]

  • Thanks for all the poicts Kev. Going out with a buddy tomorrow so will see how we go. I suspect we will end up chin wagging far too much as we havent caught up for a while but I’m taking 3 days off work week after next and am planning to park my truck near some nice water and give it a good crack!

    Is the Hurunui midway between the mouth and the…[Read more]

  • Thanks Kev,
    I watched one of your vids which talked about slakc or siny water and was trying to look for that but yeah, this water had pretty much no current in it.
    Look forward to the photos,

  • Wow, seems like everyone was into fish over the Christmas break! I hoped to get out on the Clarence mouth while away over Christmas but it was mud brown from the day I arrived for 2 weeks till I left…bugger!!!!

    Popped out to the mid reaches of the Mac on Mon and found what I thought was nice wayer but again no fish to break the duck.

    While it…[Read more]

  • Thanks guys, Truck is unpacked though the flyrods remain for a mission on Tues.

    I’ll take the salmon gear up to Kaikoura with me and have a cast around. Our farm is 5 minutes south of the Clarence mouth so I’ll pop down each morning for a look. Thanks also suibjohn, I’ll pop down to the railway station while the wife is wondering round in…[Read more]

  • aaarrrrggggg…..Was so excited to finally try my luck at slamon fishing! Had the truck packed since last Thurs, dragged the rod and reel out of the depths of the shed, mounted a bin and rod holders to the back of the quad (so I could look like a "real" salmon guy :? ) and then the rain….bugger!

    Do any of you experts think that the Rakaia (river…[Read more]

  • Thanks GoFish. Have been watching the water level :ugeek: …..but scratching my head as to what was o.k to fish so appreciate the help.

  • Hi again guys,
    So I’m hoping that the rivers drop enough to get out and try for a salmon before I head away with the kids on Wed.

    Kind of excited to give this a crack and the 4X4 has been packed since Fri :)

    I’m kinda thinking that I’ll take Kev’s advice and head to the middle reaches of the Rakaia river but have no idea what sort of level the…[Read more]

  • Thanks Kevo85,
    If the rivers drop in time I’ll definiyely head that way. The mouth/surf is a bit intimidating to be honest. Shoulder to shoulder stuff reminds me of a crowded mall and I stay as far away from those as I can.

    Kind of like the thought of looking for fish in a slightly less stressful and frantic fashion…. :)

  • Thanks for the help, much appreciated.

    Looking like the rivers will be up for a while so my Fri – Mon trip will likely be to a few springers with the flyrod. I’m away next Wed (2 week family holiday) to our farm in Kaikoura which is about 5km south of the Clarence mouth so I’ll pop down there each morning for a look see and hopefully its firing…[Read more]

  • Hi guys, avid fly fisherman who hasnt fished for salmon since hay day of the mid 90’s but with all the early action I have got itchy feet.

    I have hunted out the old school gorilla stick, respooled the 6500 and bought a few of the latest white and green zeedee’s.

    The weather is looking like screwing up my plans as I had a leave pass for Fri – Mon…[Read more]