Re: rigs


I quite often catch juvenile broadbills on my flasher Rigs, I send them out as live bait for Rig. They love them. One time the broadbill I was using for a bait was bigger then the Rig which ate it. When rigging the jurvenile broadbills I use one of each size hook, ranging from 1/0 all the way upto 12/0 that way you can catch a range of different species on a single bait….

I was once reeling in a 14lb elephant fish which took the 3/0 but right in the shallows a 18lb Rig also grabbed the bait (it took the 4/0) While releasing the Elephant fish and Rig another Broadbill hooked itself, I think they forage in the sand dunes at night for food. No idea how they survive out of the water. The Broadbill was hooked in the tail by the 12/0 so it must have been returning to the sea. I use that Broadbill for a new livey and caught 12 more Rig that night.

Instead of casting the broadbill livies out (they are to heavy to cast) I simply catch a Morepork on my flasher rig and get it to carrry them out. One was carried over 2km out… but I only had 400m of line on my reel I was so worried but it did not break, must of been extra stretching line I think. peter hart from new brighton sports hase some great fishing gear