Re: Preparing Elephant Fish


Seems like I have found a use for the large stock pile of Paua bits I have in my bait freezer. Hoping to get down to Canterbury during the Elephant Season this year.

I purchase flasher rigs because it is cheaper then making my own (maybe). I typically stick with Black Magic, Bite or Hotshotz. Probably like Bite the best but they are hard to find in stock. Been planning to give Mac Flashers a try, they are tied on Gammy hooks so should be better quality then the above. Have heard nothing but positive things with regards to Mac Flashers.

I make my own pully rigs, big shark rigs because they are quick and simple to make and its a good way to spend time while waiting for a fish to bite. I also tie my own ‘special’ flasher rigs which include floats, flys and other gimmicks, wished I had a few during the Conway comp when the crabs were about.