Re: Preparing Elephant Fish


[quote:3nfxbuoe]Footnote: Bite rigs are imported from China and are a general copy of the Black Magic rigs specifically.

The Chinese tie good flasher rigs if thats the case. I also believe the Bite ones include a swivel which most other brands don’t. The worst store brought flasher rig I have ever tried was the NZ tied youvella ones which the warehouse sells. A blue cod can rip them to bits in seconds.

[quote:3nfxbuoe]In a defensive reply, Store bought flasher rigs are never going to compete with the imaginative designs we dream up from time to time or the satisfaction of catching on your own pattern, but one thing they do have is uniformity.
This means if you buy one that really does the numbers for you, there is always another identical rig on the peg right behind it to keep you on a tight line.

I like store brought flasher rigs, they typically work well and do a good job. I can tie rigs up to the standards of the store brought ones, but most of the time I am to lazy or prefer to spend my time tying more unique creations.. A while back I Purchased a Gary’s Extreme Distance Rig and the effort and details which went into that is significantly better then anything I bother to tie.