Re: pomfret catches in Kaikoura


Yes they were great eating, They came from the bottom at about 60 meters deep. The Boat is 7.3 meters with a 200 Salwater Series Merc on the back.. actually I’m just looking at getting it serviced.. Mr Boats seem to be the cheaper one for this… any ideas?

I went out Lyttleton on Sunday for another test run with the family and friends… stayed within the bays as I’m still getting used to the size of the thing plus weather was not the best. Not much fish around apart from sharks… caught a nice one though while untangling 3 lines… measured 120cm… brought it up by hand.. lol wont be doing that again… they are fairly powerful…anyway although I never eaten them I been told they are OK.. so i tried them.. Nothing like the Pomfret that’s for sure… nice big fillets though.. meat no so good maybe I should have drowned it on batter :-).