• Hello aretheyrunningyet… here is hoping you and your family are all OK… and that goes to everyone here in our fishing community from Christchurch.. and of course to non fishers too. Rough ride to say the least. Thank you for your post and any coordinates you may be able to share would be awesome… I’m sure we can arrange for you to give them…[Read more]

  • OK.. I’ve done some digging to get myself acquainted with the area and rules and found the following for anyone interested…

    Apparently from the 1st of April the Ban on Blue Cod on Marlborough Sounds will be lifted, but the Daily Bag Limit will be only 2 per person and it has to be between 30 and 35 cm to keep… any smaller or any bigger needs…[Read more]

  • Could have been, looks very similar but without the white spots and no killer spikes on the back… we caught heaps of them, but we released them appart from the big fat one. I’m sure I’ve heard you can eat those ones… could have been the way I cooked it.. will try again as I got the second fillet in the freezer.. 950 grams each fillet… I…[Read more]

  • Hi,
    Yes they were great eating, They came from the bottom at about 60 meters deep. The Boat is 7.3 meters with a 200 Salwater Series Merc on the back.. actually I’m just looking at getting it serviced.. Mr Boats seem to be the cheaper one for this… any ideas?

    I went out Lyttleton on Sunday for another test run with the family and friends……[Read more]

  • Thanks for the answer… Sharks are always fun to catch.

    The boat came with a Navman Tracker 5500 I’ll be getting the c-map for South Island for it… would that not have the co-ordinates for the reef on it? Cheers.

  • Hi, I was on my way back to Chch from the North Island where I picked up a new boat.. kind of an impulse purchase… and decided to stop off at Kaikoura to try it out… my parents met me up there for a quick fish.. anyway, my mother hooked up something heavy that she couldn’t bring up so I took over and pulled up 2 of these puppies… nice one…[Read more]