Re: non surf catches


Brilliant weather again, sleep in so got to Okiwi at 9am. Was soon paddling towards the outer points. Instead of heading towards the Mussel farms which were producing last weekend I decided to make the effort and check out the Island for the first time.

Was feeling a bit tired when i got there, drifted around for a while flicking a softbait but only caught blues. Paddled around to the other side of Island and anchored in close but nothing. So moved out deeper, chopped up a bonito tuna I have for bait and put the remains in the burley pot. Took a short while but soon had the first pannie on board, most of them were quite small so got released. Caught around 8 in total before my slipping anchor blew me off the spot and I started to catch doggies.

Could not be bothered returning to the Island so paddled to the Mussel farms… nothing happening there. So after a short break I returned to Okiwi. On the outer point I caught one more Pannie which was released.