Re: non surf catches


After reading about large numbers of Ray Bream being caught of Kaikoura I decided to head down there for a fish today.

Got to Kaikoura around 11am, but would not of been on the water until after midday. Conditions were perfect, I launched at Limestone Bay and it was not long before I was into blue water. I tried jigging a few spots closer in for nothing, so started heading further offshore. Caught a couple of Couta trolling. Went further out again, and eventually caught my first ray bream, then another, and another… most drops were getting hit. Must of landed around 9 and kept 6. They are a very soft fish and they easily got damage from the hooks. Would have loved to try and catch more, but that would of meant keeping more something I did not want to do because I never tried them before.

Was a great day out on the water.

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