Re: non surf catches


Did not catch anything, but heres the reprot.

Last night after dinner I decided to go for a troll around Waikawa Bay in my Kayak. At around 7:00 I launched at Waikatiti Bay and headed towards Karaka Point, as I approach the heads the chop from the norwester become apparent. It was quite grumpy around Kakaraka Point, okay for paddling but would not have been much fun to fight fish (was targeting kingies). So I decided to head for Allports Island, it was a bit slow pushing into the wind, and the sea was getting angrier the further out I got. So I turned and surfed back to Karaka in next to no time. So I decided to check out the Snout instead. The peninsula blocked the wind and it was nearly calm, so I trolled up and and down there 5-6 times but very little fish sign. Saw a spectacular moonrise, and was quite dark by the time I got back to the car. No fish, but good exercise. All up around a 10km paddle.

So I decided to check for Squid, the wharfs at Waikatiti were swarming with Garfish and herring (not going to call them by the NI names anymore), but saw no squid. So over to the Marina, where there was a lot of Garfish, small herrings and other bait fish. Again no apparent squid. Shortly after 10 I was joined by 3 others who were also after squid, news travel fast. I moved to fish a different section of the Marina before heading home at 10:30pm.