Re: Latest Catches Spring/Summer 2010


Just had a long fishing weekend which failed to fire. Saturday morning headed over to NW nelson, not much happening with regards to the whitebait so drove to Turimawiwi river for a look. There was a gusty wind along the entire coast so I did not get my surfcasters out until evening,but the tide was high and I lacked casting distance. The beaches are very shallow over there, and plenty of rocks in close which line wraps around over high tide. During low tide the rocks are 60m from the water edge.

Back tracked to a spot in Westhaven where I had a bit of luck on previous trips. Fished most of the night and foul hooked a mullet. At 2am and 4am I went searching for flounders, but only saw two. Sunday morning the wind was gone so i drove back to Paturau River and walked north to a small reef and went for a swim. Visibility was decent but saw only undesirable reef species. Plenty of great looking structure along that coast. After my dive the sea breeze had started to pick up so decided to Kayak into Lake Otuhie. Was a fun trip getting through the flax covered stream, wind was up and gusty by the time I got to the lake.

About lunch I drove back to Takaka and fished the breakwater of the marina that evening for no fish. Sleeped in and got no fishing down this morning. Got scared looking over the edge of harwoods hole in a attempt to see the bottom. I am convinced that hole tries and pull people into it. .