Re: Latest Catches Spring/Summer 2010


Last night the Weather looked good so went for a Snapper fish in the Mahua sounds, Signs from the large flood were still present, a layer of silk on the rocks and dirty water and a lot of debris. Was a warm evening with little wind. Started fishing around 8pm and the tide had just started coming in. There was plenty of nibbles and minor strikes which were probably from KY and spotties. Fished a selection of baits, including Anchovies, half Pilchard and Cockle. When dusk turned to night the first snapper was hooked, a small pannie on anchovy. That was followed by a second pannie, then a nice Snapper of around 7lb. So I decided to try Cockle again, I often experiment with different baits when nothings happening and they never work. But there was a strong bite on, so baited up a big juicy cockle and flicked it out… Nothing touched it… Got one last pannie on another rod. Was out of bait, and getting tired so packed up around 11pm.

In all 4 Snapper and a KY landed.