Re: Latest Catches Spring/Summer 2010


Went for a evening Snapper fish in the Mahua Sounds. Arrived at my spot around 6pm and the action was nearly immediate with bending rods and missing bait. Was not long before a serious bend resulted in a potential double figure Snapper landed, was hooked in the gills and was bleeding badly so was kept. The rod which it was caught on only cost $50, which basically proves expensive rods are not required for big fish.

The big fellow was quickly followed by two large pannies. Bending rods, stolen bait and short runs were common up until dusk. Apart from the Snapper I landed 1 decent Kahawai which I suspect was responsible for many of the bends. My Snapper hooks are a touch to large for Kahawai so they rarely hook up. The bites stopped after dark. Stopped fishing shortly before 9.

Was a steady breeze and nice chop to begin with, think it was a southerly or easterly. Tide was after high and outgoing, was fairly low when I walked back to the car.

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