Re: Latest Catches Spring/Summer 2010


Decided to make the most of the good weather and took the long drive around to Tennyson Inlet. Got there around 6pm which was a touch early and the first couple of hours fishing was slow with only stolen baits and a single KY being landed.
Towards evening the sea breeze died down, and once the Sun dropped behind the hills the fishing started. Ended up landing 4 pannies and 2 kahawai with many more lost baits (nibbles/strikes every minute). Suspect most of the fish were small so could not eat my 8/0 hook.

Fished until just before 10 when the tide changed to outgoing before heading home, got back to the car to discover the door was left ajar so the internal light been going for the previous 4 hours. Luckily the battery had plenty of life so the engine started.

Also went down to the diversion Saturday morning, when I got there at 7:20am the early risers had a few Kahawai each, I caught one and saw a few more landed but the fishing died of by 8am. There was a small workup along from the south bank which slowly drifted south. Also saw plenty caught in the surf on spinners Friday night.