Re: Latest Catches Spring/Summer 2010


Grabbed this image from Google maps… Resolution is not the best but I think the arrow is pointing to the grassy area. The second arrow is pointing basically where the little stone wharf thing is at low tide. I did fish that general area with my dad a little back when I was a kid, so had limited knowledge of the area. In no great hurry to fish that area again. To many great spots closer to town, and to many others waiting to be discovered.


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I considered it had potential (Structure/food being the main one plus a convenient camping spot), but there was a number of factors against it.

– The structure looked likely to cause snags over high tide, yeah all good snapper spots are snaggy but it looked extra bad.
– Was on the edge of a tidal / mudflat area, I have never had much luck when fishing such areas. (grove arm wharf excluded). They seem to be sporadic producers at best and often over specific parts of the tide.
– Entire area was covered in thick sticky mud.
– Grass flat had a cold miserable feel to it. Probably nice on a hot summer evenings but not a cold drizzly autumn one..

About another 150-200m along the beach was a point which I thought looked better but by then it was late and I was uncertain how dry the walk back would be after high. Did retrieve about 50m of braid from the rocky point.