Re: Latest catches Spring – 2011


Nice calm looking evening so decided to go for a Snapper fish tonight, arrived at my spot in the Mahaua Sounds around 5pm, tide was fairly high so was a interesting walk/wade. Was dead calm with a overcast sky, and the water was cleaner then normal.

I fished the outgoing tide and to begin with the fishing was slow, the only capture being a spottie. As the hours slowly passed I was thinking of giving up then I hard a rapid clicking coming from one of my rods, I rushed into the gloom but my rod was not moving, after checking the untouched bait I realized I been tricked by a cricket.

A while later, around 9pm I heard a louder click, and this time it was from my Rod. By the time I got there the run had finished, and the line still. I started to reel and the fish sprang back to life charging out towards the center of the Sounds. After what seemed like a long fight I pulled in a plump Snapper. Sorry about the crap photo.

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I fished until around 10, and by then the tide was low. But no further fish, although something was stripping my squid and anchovy baits in seconds.