Re: Latest catches Spring – 2011


Last night went Snapper fishing in the Mahaua Sounds, landed a KY with my most cast and that was the only fish of the night. Pleasant conditions otherwise.

Today, up late and headed off to Kaikoura. Got there around 11am, Went Kayak fishing during the day. This story would be told in a different thread. Perfect day, was hoping to have a evening surfcast, scouted out a few new access tracks before deciding on a spot on the beach near Iron gate. Then I realized I forgotten my rod holders :evil:

Decided to go surf casting anyway, I had my rock spikes which can just support a surfcaster and my Kilwell has a sand spike… Got set up. lost two out of three rigs to snags on the first retrieve, so packed up and went home. So thats one spot I am not going to bother fishing again.