Re: Latest Catches


Had to work today, so could not do a long trip. So had a look up a local stream to make sure the trout were well trained before St_Paul tried for them. The lower sections were fairly barren so moved further up. This stream holds okay numbers of Rainbows and Browns, a few of decent size. Still standing in the carpark I noticed a small trout halfway across the main pool, hooked him first cast. A few jumps and the small Rainbow was released to grow bigger. A few more steps and I noticed a larger Trout with 4-5 small ones following it around, a cast or two and the larger trout grabbed the dry fly. Another Rainbow and it was soon landed. Then I moved upriver a bit, but only spooked one decent size brown from the shallows. Back to the car park pool and I hooked another feisty small trout but it was a brown. Was a fun 30 minutes.

On yeah, the larger Rainbow had a fresh wound in its mouth. I suspect a mate of mine might have caught it yesterday.

I have decided to keep tally on how many trout I catch this Season, should be embarrassing.
Total for Season: 4