Re: Latest Catches


Yeah the ATC9K is on my short list… I like the fact that its waterproof to 20m without any additional case.

Went trout fishing tonight, targeting sea runs. The river was cloudy. Spent two hours before dinner and only saw one trout, hooked none :( , grabbed a feed of KFC and drove down to the mouth of the Diversion, looked to be low tide, maybe incoming. Fished there for a while and caught the smallest herring of the year…. Went above the bridge and fished the change of light, very few raises. Saw one chasing smelts, so walked over to it, small fish, after 5 minutes of flicking and retrieving my lure he finally grabbed it, but I was in the process of lifting it out of the water for the next cast, so he got off. Dunno why I suck so badly targeting Sea Runs in the tidal area.