Re: Latest Catches


Ha! Gotta be the same guy.
Another quick story about the avon and special people.
About 1996 I used to live on Kilmore st just by the TT Sculpture. There was a glue sniffer,Speedy, that lived in the bushes in the reserve opposite. I would see him to and from work each day, usually we would have a wee chat, he was harmless enough. One time on my way home i saw him on the madras/kilmore bridge. “big Rainbow about 6lb just down there” he claimed. I figured he was talking about his paint he must have dropped. However there was indeed a rainbow trout about 4.5lb in the fast water under the bridge.

Some years later (not so long ago actually) I met and started to fish with a joker. He showed me a photo of a rainbow trout he caught in the Avon in the mid 1990’s