• Big fish! Hump heads?

  • I was down there at first light yesterday with high expectations. Managed one small one and numerous tangles with other anglers. We fished for an hour or two then shot upriver and found a stretch full of sea run trout. Caught a couple. I took one home for the smoker, first time in years I have kept one for the table.

  • I’d have thought 7lb mono would be sufficient for fishing down there. On the spin set up I use 5lb mono mostly but will go to 8lb when fishing larger or turbulent waters where abrasion can be an issue. Rakaia is different (as mentioned above). I use 5 or 6kg on the 9wt and 25lb on the lure rod.

  • I just wondered whether it might be worth shifting the discussion on camera stuff to here rather than hijacking the latest catches thread. As fascinating as it is, I am excited to see new posts on that thread only to find it has nothing to do with a latest trout capture. No offence intended… Sharktale can you do some magic ?

  • I have caught 2 rainbows from the Styx. 1 was a willowbank escapee, ugly sonofa. The other probably was aswell, but was in excellent condition. It looked like one of those winter bows you get from the mac. Caught it the following season (last year).

  • Ha! Gotta be the same guy.
    Another quick story about the avon and special people.
    About 1996 I used to live on Kilmore st just by the TT Sculpture. There was a glue sniffer,Speedy, that lived in the bushes in the reserve opposite. I would see him to and from work each day, usually we would have a wee chat, he was harmless enough. One time on my…[Read more]

  • 3rd hand story, but I had the same intel + a number of good sized sea runners.

  • What a horse Kevo! I have seen some big trout in the Avon (excluding the gardens) but not quite like that.

    A quick story.
    I took my lad (5 at the time) fishing down stream from CGHS (little hagley)? We fished towards Helmores lane. A joker in his late 40’s perhaps, came speeding in on his treadley, he jumped off letting the 10 speed ghost ride…[Read more]

  • 1) Spending more time reading than fishing.
    2) Buying cheap gear, thinking they’re just starting out and dont need to buy top of the line gear. I reckon I could bet R. Nadal if he were using a $40 racket. (I could prolly beat him anyway)
    3) Fishing solo while learning.
    4) Fishing the wrong depth.
    5 Fishing unproductive water.
    I am far from an…[Read more]

  • Thank you for that PM. How did you send out a bait 200m? Balloon and off shore wind/out going tide?

  • Thanks Zac, that was just the info I was hoping for. I love them, such an awesome looking creature and of course they go bat shit crazy on the end of of your line. In Auckland a few years back I had a small one (10-12kg) on the line that went ballistic. It came screaming back at us and jumped about 3m from the boat, landing on the gunwale. I’ve…[Read more]

  • I used to enjoy Kerrs reach at night with a woolly Bugger. Or dusk with a 7g gold toby. Hooked a good sized prostitute once.

  • I missed that in my search, thanks for the info.

  • At the risk of sounding like a wanker, Booger I assume you mean that you wouldn’t specifically target them. I certainly would. I suspect they are far more common than people realise. It is just that not many people suspend a fresh fish bait 100m+ off shore. I imagine it is unlikely they would bite an invertebrate bait set on the bottom intended…[Read more]

  • Thanks Miliwolf, the two I have caught were both on dead baits (welcome by catch). Livies tend to hook them in the tail I believe.
    I have heard they have been hooked off brighton pier and landed on the beach. Sounds like hard work, fun tho.

  • Did you heli in Kevo?

  • lalandi replied to the topic 400mm in the forum Trout Fishing 10 years, 8 months ago

    As I said we were aware of the rules and that the trout had to be returned. I know the rule can’t be- Must not exceed 400mm unless dead or likely to die, otherwise every big trout would be deemed unlikely to survive. However…

    Just because a trout swims away does not mean it has survived, it means it swam away. I have released trout only to find…[Read more]

  • A recent change in the rules has been made to accommodate the use of soft plastics.
    I think the wording of the change is a little ambiguous. It reads
    1. Interpretation
    Bait means:
    Natural fly.
    natural blah
    Blah blah.
    Blah blah.
    Uncoloured bread dough.
    Any scented lure constructed of, or treated with, elements that have chemical attractant…[Read more]

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    I agree with yeahnah. A good cast with an overhead reel is somewhat like a sweet golf shot. It wont take long until your casting as far as your fixed spool reel and later you’ll get strangers saying "niiiice cast man". Means a new rod though.
    Spend way more than you planned.

  • What a pretty Trout Fishsnatcher!!!!! Nice one!