Re: Latest Catches


What a horse Kevo! I have seen some big trout in the Avon (excluding the gardens) but not quite like that.

A quick story.
I took my lad (5 at the time) fishing down stream from CGHS (little hagley)? We fished towards Helmores lane. A joker in his late 40’s perhaps, came speeding in on his treadley, he jumped off letting the 10 speed ghost ride 4-5m into the bank. He had a cast or two along the bank then jumped back on his bike and shot off up stream. My boy and I looked at each other, even at 5 Jacks could tell he was a little special. We fished on, caught a wee one or two then walked back to the car.
Here he was at that big hole near the fendalton rd bridge. I asked if he had seen anymore. “Yup… 10lber under that tree”
Riiiiiight, sure I thought and crept up to where he was.
Under that tree upstream from the deep hole was a big trout. At least 10lb…