Re: Latest Catches 3


Went fishing last night, a southerly was blowing and we all know that fish do not feed during southerlies :roll:

Got to the spot around 6pm, walked out to the point to realise I forgot the bait. Walked back to car….. Luckily it was extra low tide so the walk was quick.. Got two lines into the water and experimented a bit with different rigs and floats… A strayline + Float does have potential but still a work in progress…. Around dusk hooked a underwater bulldozer, had a tug of war for a while neither giving or taking much ground. It eventually went to ground and I had enough, did the drag up tightly and hook knot failed.

As it grew dark the easterly calmed and the Snapper started to feed but was not getting any hook-ups on whole pilchards. Decided to use half pilchards instead and quickly caught a couple of pannies, there were snapper strikes every 10 minutes or so. Around 9:30pm a couple of hours before high tide the rod bent over again and I landed this fellow

He tipped the scales at 7.2kg or just under 16lb. A personal best Snapper. He took a half pilchard on a 8/0 Kumho circle hook. He did not put up much of a fight for his size, have caught pannies which fought harder. He had swallowed the hook deep so I decided to keep him, a inspection of his stomach revealed a diet of mainly cockles.