Re: Latest Catches 2


Awesome day, average fishing down at Conway today. Caught 6 skates, 1 Kahawai and 2 dogfish… To tired to go into details.

Should expand on this a bit.

Fished the reef at Claverley last night, Used Prawn, Crab and clam would bait. The only action was before dark and I caught a couple of Wrasse and small black reef fish. Went to bed at 10:15pm (no bites after dark), (After pitching my tent in sand last night I now understand why people use sand anchors instead of pegs).

Woke at 4:30am and it was dark, maybe just the faintest glow of dawn over the horizon. Fished the dawn but had no action until it was fairly light, caught a few wrasse but nothing exiting. No signs of Moki. Packed up fishing gear at 8am and headed to Conway for the comp.

Conditions were good for the comp, little wind with a gentle swell. It was overcasted to start with but it cleared later in the day (wished I had a hat + sunscreen now). Fished a range of baits (Pilchard, Squid, Clam, Prawn). Strangely all of the fish I caught were on the same rod, with the same rig and bait type. In the morning I caught 4 Skates, around mid day I got a good sized but skinny Kahawai. Which was followed by another Skate.

When the tide was about halfway out paddle crabs arrived in number and they were stripping my bait in minutes, during that time I did manage to land a giant paddle crab :). Fishing was slow, around 3pm the crabs departed and a few fish returned, caught a small dogfish, another skate and finally a dogfish.