Re: Latest Catches 2


Its getting quite chaotic on the weekends down the diversion now, with the number of anglers and their kids running about all over the place. Before the influx of vineyard workers there was only a handful of people down there when the KY were not running.

In saying that, its normally possible to wade out into the Surf (must remember life jacket) and get clear casting space and its not unusual for KY to be all along the river, have caught heaps above the road bridge in previous years but I do believe they concentrate around the mouth especially during low tide.

Some idiot drove into the gate on the south bank a few days past, allowing people to get down that side also. So that side is getting busier now. Going to email council on Monday to see if they know about it.

Should not be to hard to capture mud crabs, I have seen heaps of them living in the rock amour at the Bar, they probably also at the diversion but can,t remember. Going to test them beside paddle crabs to see which one works best.

(Gotten my fly line tangle down to a single overhead knot now)