Re: kiakoura wharf


The problem is that the government attempts to get as much return as possible from fisheries which often causes them to collapse. They use phases like Maximum suitable yield which seems to be about 30% of the unexploited population size. Due to the fact that there is very little knowledge of population dynamics in fisheries what normally happens is that the quota is set high and for the first few years it is easily reached, by the time the fishing gets harder the crews have developed better techniques and have more knowledge allowing them to maintain catch levels for a few more seasons…. Then there is simply not enough fish so then mof makes a lot of noise and drops the quota but because the fishery is already depleted they catch is already less then the new low quota. So mof praises itself for a job well done and claims that maximum suitable yield has been reached.

The fundamental problem with fisheries management is that it is controlled as a business which tries to maximise profit which results in population depletion, I feel it would be better to be under the management of something like the conservation department where the main infarcese (sp???) would be to maintain a healthy population and any harvesting would have a minimal detrimental effect on the overall health of the fishery. But it would also have a reduction in short term and maybe medium term profit so such a idea would not gain much support in the industry or politics surrounding it.